With the official release just over four months away, today marks a major Endwalker milestone. As from today, players can download the Endwalker Benchmark software. This gives players the chance to test their rig’s ability to run the gargantuan FFXIV ahead of the expansion’s release. Plus, the Endwalker roadmap has been laid out, painting a vivid picture of what’s in store between now and its eventual release. And that "store", well it's starting to look pretty full.

Endwalker Benchmark Software

The free-to-download Endwalker Benchmark software will feature actual in-game areas and character models. The character creator will also feature a male Viera for the first time, the first new playable race to be introduced in Endwalker. Appearance data of characters created through the benchmark software can also be saved for use in the retail version of the game.

The benchmark software will assign a score to your PC to rate its performance. So if you ever felt like ‘grading’ your setup, now’s a good opportunity. Head over to the official Endwalker Benchmark page to grab the software for yourself.

Endwalker Benchmark

Endwalker Roadmap

In the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE broadcast, the roadmap leading up to the Endwalker release was unveiled. Here’s what’s coming up over the next few months:

July - August

Make It Rain Campaign - From 19th July - 11th August players can obtain a special ‘Vexed’ emote reward by completing event quests while earning bonus Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) from Gold Saucer activities.

Patch 5.58 - Releasing 20th July, this patch will mark the beginning of Season 20 of The Feast.

Moonfire Faire - A summer-themed seasonal event that will make its return for a limited time starting on 13th August.

The Rising - Set to begin on 27th August, The Rising will mark the 8th anniversary of A Realm Reborn.

September - October

Final Fantasy XI Collaboration Event - From 13th September, players who have reached level 50 and completed The Ultimate Weapon quest can earn many rewards including the FFXV character Noctis’ hairstyle and outfit as well as the four-person Regalia mount.

Moogle Treasure Trove Event - Players can gather tomestones in exchange for various rewards from 19th October to 19th November. Which will lead straight into the Endwalker early access.

Endwalker Benchmark

November Onwards

Endwalker Early Access - Keener players who have pre-ordered Endwalker will have their enthusiasm rewarded with the chance to play ahead of the official 23rd November release.

Post-Launch Events - And finally - plenty of seasonal events will be cropping up post-release.

So to say there’s a lot in store is putting it mildly. Don’t forget, if you’ve been taking a break from FFXIV (despite its recent prevalence), players can revisit FFXIV for fourteen days as part for the Free Login Campaign. But you only have until 23rd August to do so, so don’t dilly dally.

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