A brand new celestial expansion is coming to Fiesta Online. After 13 years on the MMO circuit, the colourful fantasy MMORPG continues to grow with Realm of the Gods. And as one of its largest expansions yet, it certainly lives up to its godly title.

Over 100 new quests await intrepid adventurers as the realms of the gods are unveiled. Three realms ruled over by the gods Teva, Apoline and Cypian lie just outside the magical world of Isya. And each one brings an abundance of new content.

As players journey through these realms and interact with their inhabitants, the story arc will eventually culminate in a face-off against the gods themselves. No big deal. Luckily, the expansion also includes five new levels, with each class aiming to achieve a powerful signature skill.

Additionally, new dynamic zone events have been created. The God of Greed, Pagel, has unleashed a wave of corruption into each realm, maddening the inhabitants. Players must cleanse these zones to drive them back and earn the favour of the gods.

Plenty of new enemies, minibosses and celestial beings have also popped up across the land. These will populate both the open world and brand new dungeons. Plus, new weapons, armour and a brand new crafting tier is set to be introduced. They did say it was a big one.

If you can believe it, there’s even more to discover with the Realm of the Gods expansion. Keen beans can try it out in the public test servers starting 9th July. Whilst the full release is scheduled for 28th July. Head to Fiesta’s official website for extra info.

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