Little Space Heroes is a free online kids game by Australian developer Bubble Gum Interactive. As a approved browser based MMO, Little Space Heroes provides a safe online moderated environment for kids to explore, socialize and to have lots of fun. Not everything is butterflies and rainbows in this game however as the evil Shadowbot has stolen curious little creatures known as the Glows. Heroes are being recruited to hunt down this menacing villain and save as many Glows as possible. Players have three choices when creating their hero, an alien, a human male and a human female. I went with an alien, his in the screenshot below, say hello to Quasar!

![MMO Games Little Space Heroes Quasar Screenshot](
First thing I noticed about this game is the presentation, everything in the game feels very polished. The game uses vibrant colors to catch the players attention and each small world in this galaxy contrasts one another with their own theme. The focus on this game is exploring, interacting and discovering. After undergoing the appropriate training, players are given their own Starjet and Jetpack to explore the galaxy. Visiting each themed world to discover what is in store can be very exciting, from jungle planets to arena space stations; there is something for everyone.
Besides exploring and socializing, what else is there to do? Well, plenty! The game is essentially a collection of smaller mini-games that will keep you busy for hours. From things like racing, jumping through asteroid belts, fighting alien creatures to flying a ship through space. There are plenty of things to see and do, but that isn't all. What would an online game be if you couldn't collect things and customize your character? Players can purchase pets, capture glows and buy new outfits to wear. Little Space Heroes is more than just a simple browser game, it's a collection of all your favourite arcade style minigames in one web based kids game.
![MMO Games Little Space Heroes Screenshot](
Learning the game is extremely easy, the game directs you with every step to ensure you always know what to do. This helps to make sure kids are having fun rather than trying to figure out *how* to have fun. Don't forget, this is all played within your browser so you can begin playing right now. If you are looking for a game your parents won't object to, then I recommend you drop what you are doing and head on over to the game page because you are missing out on a lot of fun. The game plays smoothly, the controls handle well with a mixture of mouse and keyboard and did I mention you get your own house? Don't wait another second, Little Space Heroes is a free online game that any kid simply must try.
If you are a parent then I recommend checking out Little Space Heroes' Parents section by clicking [here]( Bubblegum Interactive has provided answers to all the questions a parent may want to ask and have gone to great lengths to ensure they provide a safe and enjoyable environment for children aged six to twelve, or older if you are a big kid at heart. The game includes parental controls, safe chat and profanity filters to ensure those other nasty kids don't corrupt your child or to make sure little Jimmy isn't skipping homework and playing LSH instead!