When it comes down to it, there are a lot of similar games out there, and we always love re-playing a game with new graphics or a new spin to it! Games Like is the weekly column where we explore games with similar premises and explore whether they are any good. This week's topic is Minecraft, so let's dig in!

Games like Minecraft

Terraria - 2 Stars out of 5 for Similarity

Terraria Screenshot Games Like Minecraft

Features In Common

#1 - Digging and collection of resources. This staple feature is what ties together most games in this genre, and Terraria has this covered. The crafting system is even extremely similar, making it easy to jump straight in and enjoy.

#2 - Storage capacity. Chests, inventory, and everything else has a similar storage capacity, making it easy to keep track of how many resources you can hoard before you have to run back to your base.

Different Features

#1 - The overall style. The game seeks to be much more pixelated and sprite based than Minecraft. It looks like it belongs in a completely different genre and doesn't generally look similar. Even crafting processes and gathering are animated differently, making it easy to miss the connection between the two games.

#2 - Boss Fights and Storyline. The end goal of Terraria isn't to build the best possible building or to make something impressive, it is rather to defeat the game's big boss and win. This sets it apart from other similar games and makes it hard for builders to really love the game. Constant warning messages can grow tiresome, and the game can be completed in a number of hours, diminishing the replay value as a whole.

Creativerse - 5 Stars out of 5 for Similarity

Creativerse Screenshot Games Like Minecraft

Features In Common

#1 - Starting resources. The starting resources in this game are almost the exact same. You even start out in a similar area. Wood, dirt, and vines are quickly available, allowing you to start building and make your lights. Players should be able to switch between either game without any difficulty. This is truly one of the best games like Minecraft.

#2 - Time management in game. Time passes at around the same speed as Minecraft. You need to get to shelter before it gets dark, and you need to be prepared when the night time comes. Making torches or lamps quickly will ensure that you can keep playing even at night. Time doesn't pass too slowly or too fast, leaving you satisfied with the game.

Different Features

#1 - Power gloves. Power gloves are needed to collect different types of materials and they run out rather quickly. Once a glove reaches 0 durability it cannot be repaired, and a new one must be made. Each glove can grab different levels of items, and the highest level gloves can be quite prohibitive to create.

#2 - Creature designs. Instead of zombies and blocks, there are strange alien looking creatures known as Miru, and night time piglets. Pigs known as pigsie are the base mob in the game, and they change depending on the location. All of the creatures change depending on the climate, with different creatures needed for different gear. Creatures can even wear hats and various neck items, making it easy to customize your pets.

Lego Worlds - 3 Stars out of 5 for Similarity

Lego Worlds Screenshot Games Like Minecraft

Features In Common

#1 - Procedural Generation. Every instance of every game is generated upon your first login. No two worlds are the same, encouraging exploration. Minecraft started this trend and many games have followed. This is one of the best features, as you always feel like you are playing a new game. I personally love that no two games are ever the same because I look forward to always having new places to explore.

#2 - World Sharing. Everyone loves sharing their world, and Lego Worlds is working hard to add this feature. Being able to play with other people and work through an epic construction might be one of the best parts of building games. I don't think games that leave out this option will be very popular in the future. This feature is coming soon, and it promises to be an integral part of the game on Steam.

Different Features

#1 - Studs. Lego Worlds offers an in game currency known as studs. You get this currency from collections and use them to buy different items, something that Minecraft doesn't really have. There are a number of patterns that can only be gotten this way, enticing you to play for much longer. Thankfully you don't have to pay real money for studs, making it much more accessible to the younger age groups.

#2 - Intended age range. The Lego games are pretty solidly aimed at younger kids, keeping the violence to a minimum. While Minecraft is meant to be played by a large audience, they don't aim their graphics of story lines at any group in particular. There are hidden jokes and breadcrumbs that can be enjoyed by people of many different ages. This difference in ages may not seem like a big deal, but it can be more than a little frustrating.

Starmade - 2 Stars out of 5 for Similarity

Starmade Screenshot Games Like Minecraft

Features In Common

#1 - Resource Collection. While most of the game takes place in space, most of the resource collection is done on different planets. Many of the materials are similar to materials in Minecraft. The gathering process is generally simple and straight forward. You can choose to just wander planets if you want, making the game much more familiar.

#2 - Crafting. While the game is much different from Minecraft, the crafting system is still very similar. You create factory boxes to produce items. Then you place the materials you have crafted into them, making new items. The interval is still about 5 seconds, making it easy to keep track of while you are playing. Crafting is easy to access anywhere in game, and plays a big part in the overall gameplay.

Different Features

#1 - You are on a ship. Obviously you never touch a ship in the Minecraft world. There might be hints about space technology, but it doesn't play a big part in the game. This makes Starmade one of the more interesting games like Minecraft. When you take the Minecraft game model and apply it to space, it is bound to be interesting combination!

#2 - PVP Combat. While this isn't a core feature, it is common for players to play against each other on custom servers. The ability to completely tweak game rules makes this an appealing past time. Players can duel each other, salvage each others ships, and even make fleets to battle against other teams. The possibilities really are endless.

Trove - 2 Stars out of 5 for Similarity

Trove Screenshot Games Like Minecraft

Features In Common

#1 - Teraforming. Players can change ocean into land, land into water, and completely alter everything about the world around them. While the game is extremely lore driven, it isn't uncommon for players to get together to create a new area. In this way, players actually control how the world expands, even if there aren't quests in the new areas they create. Some special materials are even unlocked when you change over areas. This is the feature that firmly places Trove on this Games Like list.

#2 - Unique Biomes. The different biomes in the game are actually isolated from each other, making crafting and resource gathering much more intensive than other games. Players can choose to make their base in any of the biomes, and enemies may differ depending on a number of different conditions. Overall the game feels very prone to customization and the amount of player control available is out of this world. Games like Minecraft always seem more interesting when they have a variety of biomes available.

Different Features

#1 - Loot Drops. While a lot of things are crafted in Trove, you actually have to fight mobs and bosses to get a number of different gear pieces. This system of splitting up equipment is quite different from Minecraft. In addition, there are quite a few different gear slots. Trove plays more like a normal RPG than an sandbox game because of these aspects.

#2 - Questing. Unusual for this kind of game, Trove actually supports questing. While most open ended games simply allow the player to explore and learn the land, Trove actually has a compelling storyline. This is supported by in game chat channels and a number of area specific boxes. Trove is definitely more of an MMO than a building game. However, the building elements are seamlessly weaved into the lore, making it easy to enjoy.

Which Game Is The Most Like Minecraft?

For us, Creativerse wins the Games Like competition this week. The graphics are a little more cartoonish, lending it a slightly different feeling as you play, but more of the mechanics are overall the same. However, the consistent patches and updates make it likely that Creativerse will drift apart from its Minecraft at some point.

On the other hand, Terraria wons the "achievement" of being the least like Minecraft. Although there are similar digging and building elements, the boss fight mechanics and storyline differ the most. It's still a great game, and you can still see the original Minecraft influence in the game, making it a fun game to play through for any fans of the genre.

There are a number of other sandbox games out that that rely upon ever expanding worlds, but not all games like that are like Minecraft. Over the last few years the concept has taken off, resulting in an amazingly diverse genre, so we are looking forward to new games like Minecraft giving us a fresh take on the concept.