With E3 now over we’re still feeling the ripples of excitement a week later. And while we await the release of all the multiplayer treats that were revealed, there was one showcase in particular worthy of its own Feelgood Friday mention.

Gamespot’s Play For All event has been providing its own in-depth coverage of E3 as it unfolded. Since the start of June they have been covering E3 and surrounding summer games events such as the Indie Game expo, complete with interviews and exclusive gameplay reveals of their own via various streams.

Gamespot Play for all showcase Image: Gamespot

Play for All Showcase

The Play For All Showcase on Tuesday aimed to boost visibility for games that may otherwise be overlooked. Specifically, the showcase focussed on highlighting games that encouraged “inclusivity, tolerance and togetherness at their core.” These included games created by a diverse range of developers with important stories to tell.

Together with the Media Indie Exchange (MIX), Gamespot showcased indie games including El Paso Elsewhere, Soup Pot, She Dreams Elsewhere and Blind Fate: Edo No Yami. Interviews with the developers of these titles highlighted their messages of inclusivity. It also worked to shine their own Indie Spotlight on titles that don’t have AAA marketing budgets.

Fundraising Streams

But Gamespot’s Play For All efforts haven’t come to an end just yet. As part of their month-long event, the website will be hosting a series of twice-daily fundraising streams from 21st - 25th June. The streams will raise funds for AbleGamers, an organisation that strives to maximise accessibility in gaming.

The donation page for the Play For All streams is open now, so feel free to drop them a donation if you, like us, think this is a worthy cause.

It’s heartening to see Gamespot use their platform at E3 to both highlight indie titles with an important message as well as raise money in the name of inclusivity. So be sure to check out their remaining streams and show your support.

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