There’s an issue all Guild Wars 2 players run into eventually and for some, it’s a constant battle that can never be won. It is a lack of inventory space. I would be lying if I didn’t say that this is a battle I’ve fought in every game…pretty much ever. No matter how much space you have, it’s never enough. Thankfully, ArenaNet has been trying to help with that by introducing larger and larger bags. These days you can get them with 32 slots, even. Surely that must be enough…right? Below is a guide on how to get bigger bags in Guild Wars 2.

Buy It

Getting the most obvious methods out of the way first, you could always buy a bigger bag. There are 20 slot bags that can be obtained from Fractal vendors and WvW vendors. You can also buy a 20 slot bag with Candy Corn Cob from the Halloween event. You can also get a 20 slot bag on the market, but even the cheapest one will cost you over 10 gold.


Achieve It

There are two 20 slot bags that you can get from completing achievements. One of them is quite easy; Uncanny Canner. This only requires you to purchase a bunch of items in jars from around the world, along with two that drop, or you can buy them on the market. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get a 20 slot bag. The other 20 slot bag comes from Bandit Weapon Specialist. This achievement requires you to unlock 19 bandit weapons. They are random drops, particularly in the Silverwastes, in chests. Or you can go into WvW and buy them for Karma. If you go the WvW route, buy the weapons on the lowest level character you have as the Karma cost increases by level.

Craft It

By now you must be wondering where those fabled 32 slot bags are at. Well, we’re about to find out. These will all require you to have level 500 crafting in Armorsmith, Leatherworker, or Tailor. They’re also all multi-step processes that will create a few different bags on your way up to 32. For the sake of making this guide easy to read I’ve not included any of the recipes. These are best found on the Guild Wars 2 wiki or GW2Efficiency.

Completion requirement: Path of Fire, Pact Commander Mastery level: Supply Line Management (Optional)

Step 1. Purchase 20-Slot Equipment Pact Box recipe from a Pact Supply Network Agent.

If you don’t already have the recipe unlocked, this step could take some time as the Pact Supply Network Agents will offer different items every day and the recipe is one that appears quite rarely. There is also a chance for you to get it from the Torn Page from “Tyrian Pact Survival Handbook” which is sold by the Pact Agents as well. But, it is just one of many recipes that you could get. It should be noted that this step is only required if you want the bag effects that the Equipment Pack Box give. Otherwise, you can use other 20-slot bags and skip straight to step 2.

Step 2. Craft That Box

Using level 400 Armorsmith, Tailor or Leatherworker create a 20-Slot Equipment Pact Box, or craft one of the other 20-slot bags, depending on what you would like them to do. To continue to a 24-slot bag you will need 2 of the 20 slot bags.

Step 3. Get Recipes of the Dwarven (Armor, Leather, Cloth) Trader

In the Desert Highlands is a mini-game in the Dwarven Ruins. Head to the Derelict Delve Waypoint [&BKQKAAA=] and pass the hero point to a room with ruined mine carts. There’s a small room to the right just after you enter the mine cart room. Inside is a curious bowl. Inside you’ll find a mini-game that will transport you to several rooms if you win. Each room has a chest, each chest has a chance for these recipes. You can keep playing the game until you have them all.

Step 4. Craft that Other Box

Craft the box from the recipe you got in the Dwarven ruins to get yourself a 24-slot bag. You will only need one of these for the next stage. The most expensive part of this recipe is the Supreme Rune of Holding, which can be acquired if you play Sandstorm, or you can spend 9-10 gold on it on the market. For this level, you will only need one.

Step 5. Discover 28

Once you’ve crafted a 24-slot bag, you can discover the 28-slot version through crafting. You will only need one of these for the next stage. For this level, you need 5 of the 10 gold Supreme Rune of Holding.

Step 6. Discover 32

Now that you have your 28-slot bag, prepare to weep. You’re going to need 12 Supreme Rune of Holding. The 32-slot bag is also done through discovery in crafting and as of writing this, the total cost for a 32-slot bag through this method is around 170 gold.

Another crafting method has been introduced as well. This one uses a combination of crafting and achievements to complete. The total crafting cost is only about 10 gold less than the one mentioned previously.

Completion Requirement: Path of Fire, Living Story Season 4 Episode 2

Step 1. Complete Living Story Season 4 Chapter 2’s Story

Finish the story for A Bug in the System to unlock the recipe for the Simple Olmakhan Bandolier as well as giving you one for free.

Step 2. Go to Dulfy

Yes, I am seriously suggesting you go to another website for this one. She’s done a write-up on all the steps for this that is as long as this article is already right now. It’s far more complex than I could hope to cover but, if you follow her steps you’ll have yourself a 32-slot bag.

With a 32-slot bag costing almost 200 gold to create, you have to really sit back and wonder if it’s worth it. If you have a lot of spare gold sitting around, maybe it is. Or maybe you’re like me and even the cost of a 20-slot bag sounds a bit pricey. For now, I’ll stick with the bags I have and make use of my salvage-o-matic like it’s going out of style. In the future, this article almost certainly will be updated as new ways to get bigger bags in Guild Wars 2 are opened up.