Grand Chase close their doors after more than 7 years of live service in North America. The popular side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG from KOG Games closes its doors today in North America, with a planned farewell livestream and a “Thanks and Goodbye” video from Grand Chase’s Developers and GM's, tournament champions and more. Fans of the game are also invited to join and look back in the final hours from 6pm - 9pm PDT.

"Grand Chase had a tremendous impact and paved the way for so many MMOs that it is simply time to say goodbye and allow players to embrace these new experiences," said Eugene Kim CEO of KOG Games. “While it's the end of Grand Chase, it's only the beginning of what we at KOG Games have in store for our community."

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KOG have collected the history, images, music and more over at the Grand Chase tribute blog for fans to download and read.

Fellow KOG Games MMO Elsword is welcoming Grand Chase players to their game with a pretty generous promotion. Based on a player’s character progress in Grand Chase, they can claim a character boost up to level 70 with a free second job when using the same KOG Games account. All you will need to do to claim this boost is load up Elsword and look for the Link Up pop-up window. In addition, Grand Chase players who Link Up will receive ‘Link Up Cash’ equivalent to the total amount of K-Ching spent in Grand Chase between April 10th 2014 and January 29th 2015, as well as in game rewards and more. So while it’s sad to see yet another MMORPG close its’ doors permanently, it’s nice to see this inter-game cross-promotion to re-home players.

Source: Press release