The once popular 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG Grand Chase is closing its doors on December 31. Developer KOG Studios is hoping that players will transfer from Grand Chase to Elsword after the closure.

Although Grand Chase saw moderate success throughout the Americas and Europe, it was apparently not making enough money in Southeast Asia. Revenue has been continually declining in South Korea, as older MMORPGs tend to do, and a decision between publisher Netmarble and developer KOG has ended in the game shutting down after 11 years of service.

However, in an attempt to save face, KOG is holding a fairly generous promotion for former Grand Chase players. Anyone with a Grand Chase character, on a KOG Games account, will be granted a bonus in Elsword. A few of the rewards include a level 70 Elsword character, Link Up coins, Adventurer Cubes, and additional job boosts.

Our Thoughts:

It’s really unfortunate for the dedicated players of Grand Chase because no one enjoys it when their favorite game shuts down. However, MMORPGs tend to close down left and right, and operating one for 11 years is a pretty decent life span. Furthermore, the compensation was a nice gesture and wasn’t something KOG necessarily had to do.

Source: KOG Studios