If there’s one thing that Rockstar can be depended on, it’s delivering some of the tastiest easter eggs in gaming. For about a week, GTA Online players have been enjoying the new Los Santos Tuners update, which brings a real Fast & Furious vibe to the chaotic city. But if you thought that was the only GTA Online easter egg to enjoy with this update, you’d be wrong.

The Los Santos Tuners update is one for petrolheads, introducing a slew of new wheels with which to tear up the tarmac of Los Santos. Plus with a new private track, six new robbery-style contracts, new races and a whole host of quality of life updates, there’s a lot in store for thrill-seekers. And luckily for us, that list also includes even more easter eggs for film fans.

The (Nearly) Unkillable NPC

One of the most prominent easter eggs in the Los Santos Tuners update includes one particularly hard-to-kill NPC. During the ‘Access Point’ mission, players are tasked with stealing a stunt ramp from a movie set. Pretty simple stuff for us master criminals. That is, were it not for the Terminator himself standing in the way.

In a crowd that comprises some familiar faces (including Sarah Connor and director James Cameron), it’s the guy dressed in black and sporting a shotgun that is most likely to cause problems. Just like his movie counterpart, he is very hard to kill. Because even after a player floors him once, he’ll be back.

A Literal GTA Online Easter Egg

Yet another movie reference crops up in the form of a literal egg during the E.C.U. Job. Whilst this easter egg is not guaranteed, players will know when to take a look in one container - as it’s the only container without a serial number. Should you locate and pry this open, waiting inside is the distinctive egg from Alien. Though unfortunately, if you thought that shooting it open would unleash extra-terrestrial chaos on Los Santos, you’d be mistaken - as the egg is seemingly indestructible. Not that that’s going to stop you from trying anyway.

Check out how to spot these (and more) in the GTA Series Videos compilation below.

Aside from the super-fun easter eggs, fans are having a ball with the **Los Santos Tuners** update. So if you haven’t already, we’d recommend giving the new features a spin.

In the meantime, we’ll ruminate over whether these old-school film inclusions are hinting at the time setting for GTA VI. Though on second thought, we probably shouldn’t go there again.

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