Take this next story with a pinch of salt. The GTA rumour mill has been turning for so long now that it’s starting to look a little dilapidated. But were it not for the fact that the latest GTA VI leak marries up to our last reported rumour so closely, we probably wouldn’t have given it the time of day. That, and the leaker had their Twitter account suspended immediately afterwards. Which is a pretty suspicious turn of events.

The newest rumour to begin circulating on the digital streets of social media suggests that the long (long, long)-awaited GTA VI announcement is coming in November 2021.

Our keener readers may remember that, back in February of this year, we flirted with the idea that a seemingly innocuous GTA Online update concealed a clue relating to GTA VI. If true, it suggested that 7/11 was of some importance. And those of us not in the US might read that as ‘7th November’.

So it’s with our tinfoil hats squarely back on our heads that we are drinking up this particular GTA VI leak.

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The leaker suggests that GTA VI will ‘take place in Miami, featuring hurricanes, gators and MORE!’ With a map that’s three times bigger than the GTA V map, and that changes over time.

Of course, at this point the rumour complements a lot of other rumours that have been circulating. But given that we have our pick of approximately 1 million different rumours to choose from, that’s not such a difficult feat. But we will say this: there are likely to be a lot of bitterly disappointed fans if Vice City doesn’t return in some form.

As we said, take it with a pinch of salt. Insiders suggest that we won’t get a GTA VI until at least 2025. Although if Rockstar have taken a leaf out of the Cyberpunk 2077 playbook, giving yourself a several-year run-up can only work in your favour. So for the next month or so, we can dream.

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