Grab your tinfoil hats because today we’re indulging in some pretty wild speculation that, if true, will likely send GTA fans into a frenzy if and when Rockstar makes their next move. For quite a while now, fans of the GTA series have been scrambling for any crumb of information on the long-awaited sequel, and similar to when sequel-teasers bled into the online realm of Verdansk, we may now have something to chew on with the promotional material for a recent GTA Online update.

According to a recent fan-theory, there may be more than meets the eye to the seemingly superficial image that announced the addition of a new vehicle, the Vetir - a military truck that can be used to cart cargo or fellow players around the chaotic streets of Los Santos.

While, at first glance, the stylised font of the Vetir appears to be just part of a frivolous design choice meant to complement the militaristic style of the vehicle, fans know better in this golden age of viral marketing than to take a simple image at face value.


The first thing to jump out is the ‘VI’ - Roman numerals that are in keeping with the style of GTA titles - followed by a series of dots that separate the VI and the numbers ‘7’ and ‘11’. Coincidence? Well, yes, it might be. But the more you look, the more intentional it seems, with the numbers ‘7’ and ‘11’ possibly denoting one of two dates: 11th July, or 7th November. Dates for the sequel’s official announcement, perhaps? The name Vetir seemingly has no meaning beyond containing the letters necessary to carry this message, after all.

This does, of course, raise some additional questions, such as why a military truck? If related, does this support the theory that we may be due a GTA title that spans multiple decades, with one of those incorporating the Vietnam war? Or will we be treated to a game that is set entirely in the swingin’ 60s, evoking a similar nostalgia to Vice City and its perfectly-rendered 80s aesthetics?

Or, is the combination of cabin fever and Rockstar’s torturous silence causing us to pin threads between progressively more crackpot theories as we start to look more and more bedraggled and take up chain-smoking in the basement? It all seems likely at this point.

All we’re saying is keep your eyes peeled if you’re a GTA Online player; not everything is as it seems and we need you keen-eyed sleuths to keep us in-the-know and these fan-theories are nothing if not incredibly fun. is committed to bringing you all the freshest, funniest, and most insightful MMO news. If you enjoyed this content, why not share it with your community? And make sure that you never miss our updates and exclusive giveaways by following and favouriting us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.