Prepare to be weirded out. In an apparent advertising campaign Guild Wars 2 has turned a man into an Asura. This was done only with makeup and prosthetics thankfully but it is a little bit uncomfortable to look at anyway. Rumors were spreading all over social media in China last week about a monster being spotted by some friends camping in the Huairou region.

Guild Wars 2’s official social media account uploaded some behind the scenes photos to show that it was indeed a promotional ad and that there was no monster. We here in the MMOGames office are still trying to decide if this is worse than the very odd taxi Guild Wars 2 had last year. We will now show these photos, but I want to warn everyone one last time…they are a bit creepy. People do not make good Asura.

GW2 Monster Ad

GW2 Monster

Guild Wars 2 Ad Asura

GW2 China Ad