We hope you're loving Amazon Games New World MMORPG as much as we are.

The whole team at MMOGames is pretty infatuated and we're about ready to launch a whole bunch more content about it. Whether it's because you were told them and then forget them, you missed them completely, or because you were never told...to help out new players, here are a bunch of helpful New World buttons that will make your gameplay experience even better:

"U" = Flag for PvP (It's also "Unflag" for PvP in case you're continually getting your butt kicked and can't work out why)

"=" = Autorun (There are no mounts and fast-travelling costs Azoth, so this is one of the most useful buttons around)

"C" = Crouch (Pretty standard PC gaming fare here, but New World doesn't tell you so we will)

"Z" = Prone (Now this one many players haven't worked out is possible yet, it's perfect for chilling out or lying in ambush)

"P" = Emote List (Whether you want to give a wave or do a jig, find all your emotes here)

"H" = Interact with Players (This opens up a secondary menu with a list of actions)

"Y" = Make Camp (For on-the-go crafting and setting your default wild spawn)

"F1" = Levelling Rewards (Find out what's available to you as you progress in level, very useful)

"T" = Secondary Interact (Because sometimes just primary interactions don't cut the mustard)

"E" = Revive (While normally a big "E" comes up when you want to revive people, sometimes it doesn't (i.e. if they're underwater)

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