Okay, admittedly this one flew well below my radar which is kicking off my imposter syndrome something fierce. Still, I'll get over it long enough to bring up this astonishingly brief Project DH video, which offers a peek at how the MMO's purely mounted gameplay will operate. However fleeting that peek may be.

project dh video

So, let's all get caught up, shall we? Project DH was revealed at 2016's G-Star event. The game is set in a steampunk world where otherworldly dragons have emerged from a black hole to attack humanity. Players take on the roles of hunters riding horseback and wielding cannons to fight these creatures together Monster Hunter-style. The game is currently in development for PC and looks to be on its way to a Korean release in perhaps two years' time, with a mobile release to come later. Plans for a Western launch are unknown.

The video, as the headlines states, is only 18 seconds long and appears to be footage still waiting for fine-tuning judging by all of the frame guidelines. Still, it offers a peek at how Project DH's form of combat against big monsters will operate. You can check out the footage below to get a very rough idea.

Our Thoughts

Fighting huge monsters with enormous cannons while riding a horse? Sounds like a really intriguing multiplayer game to us! Of course, the footage in question is pretty rough and a Western launch of the game doesn't seem terribly likely...but it never hurts to take a look at new stuff now and again, right?

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