Have you been wondering how to make clay in Stranded Deep? In our Endless Sagas series, we provide quick answers to the gaming questions we know you're asking.

Making Clay in Stranded Deep

If you've been wondering how to make clay in Stranded Deep but you haven't managed to find an answer, that's because you're asking the wrong question. It is not a matter of "how to make clay in Stranded Deep?" but "where to find clay in Stranded Deep?". Excluding sea-life, clay is the only item type in the game to be found exclusively underwater. It is easily missed due to the fact from a distance it looks like a normal pile of rocks, but the reddish hue is the giveaway. They are usually found in mid-level water, just beyond the shallows. To harvest clay, these clay piles need to be hit with a crude or refined pickaxe in order to break them down into collectable pieces.

What is Clay Used For in Stranded Deep?

Clay is a late-game component required for building bricks, brick structures, and of course, the best in-game water storage - the clay bottle (take that you pesky leather bottle). Furthermore, it's a requirement for building a fuel still boiler and therefore fuel - an item required not only to supercharge your DIY rafts but also to complete the game.

If swimming underwater and thwacking red rocks while submerged wasn't your first thought when it came to acquiring clay, we can't blame you. If you have any other pressing questions that you think would be a good fit for our Endless Sagas series, all you need to do is tweet them to us, and we'll put our video game detectives on the case.

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