So, unless you’ve been living under a steinn for the past month or so, then you have probably heard about Valheim. The indie viking survival title from Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Studios has stirred gamers from around the world into a frenzy, breaking 5 million sales in its first month alone. Evidently, it would appear the gods were smiling on this particular venture.

With its simplistic yet enchanting graphics, accessible yet challenging learning curve and - perhaps most of all - it’s effortlessly social mechanics, it’s no wonder that so many are embarking on swashbuckling adventures in the afterlife with their friends. People are sinking countless hours into teaming up against the elements and the norse-inspired beasties, making for some epic sagas of their own. However, it’s no good playing out adventures worthy of Ragnar Lothbrok himself if each heroic tale was cut short because Floki was hosting and needed to log off for dinner.

Luckily, there is a way to press on with your escapades independent of one host’s IRL schedule, and perhaps no video lays it out more clearly than this one from YouTube creator Toasty Answers.

The video details how to set up a *Valheim* dedicated server on Windows via a SteamCMD set-up. This will allow players to jump into their server independently of one-another and eliminates the reliance on the whims of the host. It's a little complicated, but the instructions are exceptionally clear and well-paced. After all, it’s no good trying to carve out a legend for yourself when that one flaky friend won’t see in the sunrise with the rest of you.

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