Our next Indie Spotlight title is the successor to fantasy MMORPG Pride of Taern from Polish developer Whitemoon Games. Evoking such classics as Baldur’s Gate and Divinity: Original Sin with its isometric and picturesque art style, Broken Ranks is set to plunge players into a captivating realm of dark fantasy replete with familiar sights and sounds, but kept fresh with its dynamic take on turn-based combat. Sure it’s even more fantasy, but when it’s done right, we know it’s all we really want.

Upon release, players will find themselves embroiled in an intricate and mature narrative. Centred around the turmoil of an invading horde, player decisions will shape the future of Broken Ranks for years to come. As a refugee seeking to find their place in the world, you must work to unite a scattered nation. Which, of course, means getting into a scrap or two.

Broken Ranks

The combat system is what really sets Broken Ranks apart. Combatants are given ten seconds per round to plan their attack simultaneously, marrying tactical gameplay with high-pressure combat. Music to the ears of turn-based action fans. But don’t forget: you’re not alone. With seven classes to choose from, including barbarian, archer, sheed, druid, voodoo shaman, fire mage, and knight, players can coordinate their unique abilities and unleash devastating strategies on the battlefield.

So if you’re a fantasy fan with a penchant for tactics, then this unique MMORPG could be the key to your castle.

Beta Tests

Broken Ranks is currently at its beta phase of development. While the first is already underway (as of 14th May), the sign-ups are still open on the official website.

Broken ranks

“We would like to know more about what fans of fantasy and MMORPGs who have never played Taern think about the game. During the first stage of the tests, which was recently finished, only members of our community could enjoy it. However, now we would like to find out how Broken Ranks is perceived by players from outside of our community.” said Krzysztof Danilewicz, the founder of Whitemoon Games.

As is always the case with beta playtests, it’s worth remembering that what you’re playing is not the finished product. But from what we've seen, there's plenty to enjoy so far. So make sure to throw in your two cents by signing up and diving in.

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