A brand new MMORPG has entered the fray. As things are starting to look up for our favourite genre as a whole, with the release of some promising new titles filling us with hope, we can’t help but feel optimistic about this latest announcement from ETLOK Studios. And we think that anybody with a penchant for lore-rich MMORPGs would agree.

Into the Echo is an ambitious upcoming MMORPG that intends to take the tried-and-tested formulas of resource collection, crafting, puzzle-solving and, of course, combat, and turn them into the ‘next generation of social experiences’ with a heavy focus on building reputation and finding purpose. Because there’s nothing like soul-searching mechanics to enrich an MMORPG experience.

The presence of magic has its own unique explanation within the fantasy planet of Raava. Cosmic events have bestowed on Raavai inhabitants an ability known as Qen. And it is the mastery of this mysterious power in all its forms that lies at the heart of Into the Echo. Whether it’s mastering a craft, becoming a legendary code-breaker or wielding power to fight for your faction, a player’s chosen path will have a prominent effect on the world around them.

lore-rich MMORPGs Into the Echo

ETLOK’s central philosophy is to maximise character diversity, with the preservation of real-world individuality being a top priority. As ETLOK Co-Founder, Akshay Kolte, puts it, "When we speak of character diversity, we don't just mean in terms of looks, classes or races. We are addressing diversity of purpose, where each player has a unique identity based on their own purpose derived from the actions they take and the role they choose to play."

Of course, many MMO fans are all too familiar with the feeling of having their MMO-based fever dream dangled before them only to have it snatched away at a later stage. So we’ll keep a close eye on Into the Echo’s development in the hopes that this dream will soon be realised. In the meantime, be sure to follow along by visiting the official website.

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