A major update has been launched for ninja action MMORPG Izanagi Online. The update for the mobile game adds Second Classes and a new Pneuma pet feature.

Izanagi Online

Let's first go over the new pet feature, Pneuma. You can take them on a journey with you and the beasts will then acquire skills that apply a buff effect on the player. The skills include +5% extra exp, +20 agility, and damage cap break +8000. These are all additional stats that will help you make your characters all the better.

Also in this new update for Izanagi Online are 8 new Second Classes and 16 new skills. Status increases upon changing classes are among the newly introduced features as well. A new function, Forbidden Ninjutsu, makes its debut with this major update too.

Other features of the update include a level cap increase, the "Achievement Book" function, new maps, new monsters, and new quests. In other words, there's a ton of new stuff that has been implemented to Izanagi Online, so you better check it out! You can download the game via GooglePlay or the App Store.

Our Thoughts

Good MMORPGs on mobile devices are often times hard to find, but Izanagi Online seems like a fun option when you prefer to be on the move while playing your favorite online RPGs. With such a massive update just released, now might be your time to get into the game!

Source: Press Release