If you're feeling nostalgic and might like trying a new (but not so new) hack'n'slash game in the vein of Diablo, we have you covered. Korean MMO Helbreath should fulfill all your isometric dreams: is a free to play 2D fantasy MMORPG that includes massive scale battles, unique characters and monsters, customizable avatars, questing, hunting and PvP.

korean mmo helbreath

What is so special about Helbreath, though, you might ask. Well, it's not a new game by any standard. Helbreath has been around for almost two decades. It launched in 1999 in South Korea and slowly expanded globally. However, it stopped running although many unofficial servers kept the game running for players who were still attached to it.

A month ago, in October, Helbreath officially relaunched and the team has even put out a new update for it just a couple of days ago. It looks like Helbreath is not dead at any rate and can probably still provide a few hours of enjoyment for players who might enjoy traveling back in time for a while.

Our Thoughts:

It's definitely a surprise to unearth this MMO that we hardly had any memory of, but at the same time touching to see the team and players still keeping it alive after almost twenty years. It makes us wonder if some of the currently played MMOs might ever have the same fate and if everyone would end up rallying behind a Nostalrius-type of movement if World of Warcraft was ever shut down officially, for instance. Guess we'll have to revisit the question at some point - see you in 2027!

Your Thoughts:

Have you ever played Helbreath? Would you give it a go now that it officially relaunched or would you rather spend your time on all the new games out there? Let us know in the comments below!

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