League of Legends killed off one of its newly reworked characters yesterday. Starting now, Gangplank is dead.

Gangplank is Dead!


Act 3 of League of Legends' Bilgewater event is underway. Miss Fortune is now Captain Fortune, the Undisputed Queen of the Pirate Underworld, Graves and Twisted Fate are caught in bitter dispute, and Gangplank is dead. Yes. You read that right. Gangplank is dead. League's most recently remodeled Champion--one of the game's original 40 playable characters--has been deactivated for story reasons.


Currently, an alert message sits in the top left of the screen, next to the League of Legends home button. It reads "Gangplank is dead and has been disabled in all queues."


This marks the first time Riot has killed off a character in lore and the first time Riot has forced the in-game experience to reflect story events. The result is somewhat refreshing.

Instead of lashing out, the League of Legends community has whole-heartedly embraced the change. Riot announced several months ago that they were revamping League of Legends' lore in new, refreshing, and unique ways. The Bilgewater event has been incredibly successful. Riot has completely remodeled ARAM, added a new pirate-themed announcer pack to all maps, added a new game mode (Black Market Brawlers), and written one of the best online fantasies in recent memory. If you have not yet read the first three acts of the Bilgewater chronicles, I highly recommend it.

Source: League of Legends