While those across the Atlantic slept, the Game Awards 2021 passed by in the night like a nerdy Santa Claus. That is, unless you were one of the hardcore few who watched it through the early hours. For those that didn’t - a lot happened. But one reveal in particular had us all riled up: the Lost Ark Launch Trailer.

The Lost Ark is an award-winning free-to-play title from Smilegate RPG that has already been enjoying a playerbase of millions in Korea, Russia and Japan. But thanks to their collaboration with New World’s Amazon Games, the Seoul-based developer is set to bring a localised version of the Diablo-esque fantasy title to North America, Europe, Latin America and Oceania from 11th February.

Lost Ark Launch

“We are thrilled to bring Lost Ark to more of the world, and with today’s launch date announcement we are one step closer to the moment when players can experience the game’s stunning world and exhilarating combat for themselves,” said Christoph Hartmann, vice president at Amazon Games. “In February players will be able to jump into the fantastic world of Arkesia for the first time and create an experience that is truly their own.”

Why are we excited? Well the MMO/RPG hybrid has already won multiple awards, including the Presidential Prize at the 2019 Korea Game Awards. It looks stunning, boasts a wide variety of game modes, and offers 15 distinct hero classes in a hack-and-slash world. Oh, and it also got this bitchin’ new trailer.

Those that can’t wait any longer to purchase the title can do so with a [Founder’s Pack](https://www.playlostark.com/en-us). But with the **Lost Ark** launch just around the corner, we'd wager we'll be hacking and slashing our way to the titular Ark in no time.

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