While playing games with other people online is what has brought us all together here at MMOGames.com, we write and read about all wonderful games out there which we can enjoy together via our lovely computers, phones and consoles. But even if we enjoy different types of MMO games and even if we like playing them on different formats, there is one game out there everyone owns and one game we all have a character in, whether we like it or not. I am taking about the little MMORPG called Life. This article will, together with my vast knowledge about life, explore areas of life from the viewpoint of the MMO gamer and how parts of our lives really can be seen as parts of an at least visually impressive MMO game, so here is the “review” of the MMORPG called life.

MMOlife_graphics The graphics are truly amazing.

Character Creation

In contrast to all MMORPGs out there, the character creator in the game of life is not fully controlled by the player of the character. We are all born without anyway to control how our initial look will be and it will follow us throughout the game, but there is a huge amount of tweaking to be done by ourselves, putting the power back in our hands. The tweaking which could be done is very depended on gold as always with an MMORPG, the possibilities and different customizations are really vast. While you cannot change your characters height you can easily change the width, either by fattening the character up or by training and build more muscles on your character, where both of them will have consequences for the rest of the game, something never before seen in an MMORPG! There is also an almost unlimited armor and makeup customization in the game, making it possible for you to dress your character exactly how you want to, even if most quests and dungeons require armor specifics like a suit, the power is still in the players hand in choosing.

[caption id="attachment_31946" align="aligncenter" width="666"]MMOlife_tv Life is also a TV-show starring Damian Lewis.[/caption]


There is no easy way to start when explaining the games classes since there is no actual limit on how many classes exists in the game, which makes this the perfect sandbox MMORPG out there. The possibilities for how you decide to play the game are huge. And the best thing about the game is that you are not locked to the first class you choose, but have the freedom to freely change class even if it in some cases requires you to finish a longer quest chain often called school or university studies or similar. This also creates an opportunity where you can level up many different classes so that you can be specialized as both a doctor which focuses on healing, a social worker which acts as a tank and a telemarketer with a high amount of dps. So how you play and what you play is completely up to you.

[caption id="attachment_31947" align="aligncenter" width="666"]MMOlife_classes Few of the many classes in the game.[/caption]


As with classes there is an immeasurable amount of factions to choice from in this game, even opening up for the possibility to play completely without a faction and still being able to level up in the same speed as all other players, in contrast to the natural panda in World of Warcraft. While many factions require a specific class as the police faction requires you to have finished the police academy quest chain and choosing the police class, some also require special alignments such as a football player needs to be aligned to his or her team. But the biggest factions are completely free to join whether you are playing as a baker or a writer, such as the different religious and political factions. This is also the only game out there where you can choose more than one faction and where the factions don’t necessary stand in contrast to each other.


Like most MMORPGs the last decade there is a myriad of achievements in the game, some harder to get than other and some easier to get. I will here touch upon two which stands out since they give a vast amount of experience points and quickly raising you characters level, but they do require you to spend a lot of time on getting and keeping them. The first achievement is called marriage. Here you are needed to seduce another player over a certain time period and if done right you have the possibility of getting married, given if you finish the necessary quests and the required gold needed for a wedding. There is also a midway achievement called engagement which still gives you a great amount of experience points but without the wedding requirements and of course without the finishing experience bonus.

The second huge achievement you can get is called children. In the earlier versions of the game this in most cases followed after you accomplished the marriage achievement, but in the later versions this has been patch out. Here you need to first accomplish the human interaction achievement followed by one called intercourse, which is very similar to the blurry scenes in bed from The Sims (Woohoo). If successful while playing the quest there is a nine months timer until you are finally presented with a new character which you need to raise and teach about the game and its mechanics until it can play the game itself.

[caption id="attachment_31944" align="aligncenter" width="666"]MMOlife_wedding Will you give the marriage achievement a try?[/caption]

Quests, Dungeons and Raids

Quests in the game are very much in contrast to other MMORPG out there, since there is a much less focus on killing X of Y, or collect X of B or moving from one area to another, it adds a whole other myriad of quests types. There are still these classics quest types but they are very rare and requires certain classes such as hunter for killing quests, mailman for fetch quests and the aid worker class for traveling different areas. The game is also unique in the sense that there is no low level and high level areas, all areas are made for every level but not every class. So if you are a level 1 supermarket cashier you can practically be in most of the thousands of zones in the huge map, with some exceptions. Even though there are some weekly fetch quest as grocery shopping all players must complete, many of the quests in the game are part of a longer quest chain. One example is called education which guides you through different classes and slow and steadily levels you up. Another common quest chain is locked to certain classes and called career, in which you specialize deeper into your class, gaining more skills while moving trough the quest chain.

Dungeons and raids are often class locked and they can range from smaller group content as serving customers in a fast food restaurant, where a smaller group will have to tackle the orders coming up, and in a randomized manner be exposed to the giant boss order which could drop some loot. Or we have the bigger raids such as summer camp leaders where the players must work together in order to structure up a summer camp, inform the angry parent mobs and control the wild children. The great thing about this game is how there is a huge difference in the different quests and dungeons in both content and game modes, which truly makes it stand out among the MMORPGs out there.

[caption id="attachment_31949" align="aligncenter" width="666"]MMOlife_raid Can you handle them all in the summer camp raid?[/caption]


The MMORPG called life also has a multitude of pvp options, ranging from open pvp where you walk around in fear of being robbed or encountering talkative drunks while waiting for the bus. Or you could play as the annoying person always engaging other players in 1 vs 1 discussions. The game initially flags you for pvp at the start, but by plugging in a set of headphones this can be avoided. The most common part of pvp in the game is the structured pvp called sports, here you can engage others alone or in teams depending on how you wish to pvp. You can test you skills in 100meter hurdle against seven other players in huge competitions or you could join others and play 11 vs 11 football, all sports can be found both in an official organized way or by players alone doing some pvp on their own.

[caption id="attachment_31945" align="aligncenter" width="666"]MMOlife_pvp One of many ways to play structured pvp.[/caption]


While all sections in this articles could be its own article I have tried to give you the basic understanding on what the MMORPG called life is about and what potential really lies beneath it, greatly advancing it light years from all other MMORPGs out there. This is an MMOPRG which can be enjoyed by all types of players, whether you’re a causal theme park player, a sandbox enjoyer or a hardcore player looking for the ultimate perma death challenge. If you are looking for an MMORPG with the best visuals, complete freedom in both play style and customization, look no further because you are already playing it, but be aware of how a myriad of choices without a sturdy tutorial, and which could be highly addictive. So go out there and play the MMORPG called life.


  • The visuals
  • The one true sandbox game
  • Hardcore as hardcore it gets
  • The huge amount of choices


  • The huge amount of choices
  • Highly Addictive
  • Perma death
  • Consequences