Let's say you like Star Trek Online enough to want to buy a regular subscription for the game. Well, you'll just have to show your monetary support with the new Star Trek Online Elite Starter Pack instead, a new one-time purchase that is replacing the game's monthly sub fee entirely.

star trek online elite starter pack

The Elite Starter Pack will grant you a new character slot, 20 shared bank slots, 5 Captain Retrain Tokens and an increase on your Energy Credit cap to 2 billion Energy Credits. Once the item is purchased, an Elite Starter Pack Reclaim item will appear that lets every character on your account get 30 inventory slots, 60 bank slots and 2 Bridge Officer slots. All of this is at the cost of 1500 Zen.

As mentioned in the lead-in to this story, this is a one-time purchase that unlocks all of the above benefits permanently to your account and does not need to be purchased on a monthly basis.

Additionally, those who are already monthly or lifetime subscribers to STO will still get all of the benefits those programs offered, including Veteran Rewards and Bonus Zen. Furthermore, this new purchase means that the Tribble test server will remove the subscriber-only restriction, though future test builds may have restrictions added at a later time.

The change to subscriptions is already in effect and is specific to PC players. More details and an FAQ can be found on the STO official website.

Our Thoughts

That's remarkably generous of the devs, though we also have to wonder what this means for the STO cash shop from here on out. Ideally, this will mean that the MMO will remain generally open and without a significantly heavy cash shop anchor for Elite Pack buyers and free players alike.

Source: official site

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