Jagex proudly presents their latest addition to the upcoming free to play third-person MOBA game Transformers Universe: Motorbikes! Two new bots have been added to the roster this week: Swagger (Autobot) and Diabla (Decepticon. This marks as the first time that new combatants enter the ring since the game has gone into Open Beta. The grand debut of these Motorbikes in Transformers Universe will provide players access to bots who are more agile than the ones they are used to play with. The new bots also come with new abilities - such as an invisibility cloaking - for advanced battle tactics.

Transformers Universe Transformers Universe

Swagger is an Interceptor-class bot best suitable for hit and run tactics. Swagger packs a cloaking device, making him extremely hard to catch and he is very deadly against bots with reduced defenses. He will be playable this week according to Jagex.

Diabla is a damage-focused Decepticon with formidable defenses that allow her to stay in the heat of battle for longer periods of time. Players can roam the map easily with Diabla, and can take down a single target quickly without a second thought. Both Diabla and Swagger have increased damage when they are in their vehicular form, which provides them improved agility while hunting down opponents.

“We have already seen some truly heroic battles being played out in our first weeks of Open BETA, but the introduction of these agile bots will bring a new dimension for both Autobot and Decepticon players alike,” announced David Nicholson, vice president of TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE. “As the first bots to roll out since we entered Open BETA at the start of July, Swagger and Diabla represent our continued commitment to delivering regular content updates, an extensive range of characters, and real depth of combat.”