The hammer has come down on a number of Neverwinter players. A Barovia Hunt exploit that was well known by both players and devs has finally been shut down and consequences meted out to those who took advantage.

barovia hunt exploit

The exploit in question was listed as a known issue by the devs in a post on September 12th, which warned players that using the exploit was a breach of the game's Terms of Service and subject to "possible actions." As of this past weekend, the exploit has since been closed and an undisclosed number of players are being banned from the MMO.

The game's community appears to be in a furor over the ban wave, arguing that the exploit in question was open for so long and was so widespread that it became practically a feature of gameplay. On the other end of the argument, as stated in one related Reddit thread, taking advantage of the exploit is akin to robbing from a neighbor because they left their door unlocked.

Our Thoughts

While the ban wave may indeed seem rather heavy-handed, we have to admit that people seeing consequences as a result of ignoring the warning should not surprise a lot of people. In many cases, this sounds like a rash of willful ignorance, barring those who don't follow updates made to the game's website extremely closely.