Three new Tier 6 starships have just been announced for Star Trek Online, and each will come equipped with the Supplemental Subsystems universal console.

The first new starship is the Yamato Class Dreadnought Cruiser, which is an enhanced version of the Tier 5 Galaxy Dreadnought. The second is the Kolasi Siege Destroyer, an upgraded version of the Tier 5 Guramba Siege Destroyer, and it will be available at the Lieutenant General Rank. Finally, the Kara Advanced Warbird is an improved Ha’apax Advanced Warbird and will be available to Vice Admiral Romulan captains. Each of these ships has received the 2410 visual update.

Star Trek Online

In addition to the base ship, each Tier 6 starship comes equipped with the Supplemental Subsystems universal console. This will provide a temporary boost to your starship’s maximum subsystem power levels when activated. Furthermore, incoming energy weapon attacks damage the attacker and a minor portion of the attacker’s subsystem power is leeched back to you. Finally, players will gain a Subsystem Overload Counter whenever hit with an energy attack and after obtaining 20 counters a devastating pulse of energy is emitted.

The Supplemental Subsystems universal console can only be equipped on Starfleet Dreadnought Cruisers, Advanced Warbirds or Siege Destroyers in any console slot. Additionally, the console provides a passive bonus to all subsystem power levels.

Not only do these new starships come with powerful consoles, but each has special abilities:

Yamato Class Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]

  • 1x Hangar Bay

  • Can use the Console – Universal – Saucer Separation

    • Found on the Exploration Cruiser Retrofit
  • Built in Phaser Spinal Lance ability

Kolasi Siege Destroyer [T6]

  • 1x Hangar Bay

  • Built in Siege Mode ability

    • Allows usage of the Javelin ability

Kara Advanced Warbird [T6]

  • 1x Hangar Bay

  • Can use the Console – Universal – Dual Vector Separation

    • Found on the Haakona Advanced Warbird
  • Built in Plasma Spinal Lance

Source: Perfect World Entertainment