We could be wrong, but no Jeff Bezos is not playing New World. And neither would you be if you had more important things to do like playing pretend in the mesosphere and buying yachts for your yachts.

And no, Jeff Bezos isn’t banned from Amazon Games’ first successful MMORPG, either. But 'Jeff Bezos' is. That's right, his name and all variations and spinoffs of it are banned. If you haven’t already tried, it is unfortunately impossible to name yourself ‘Jeff Bezos’ in New World. The reasons for this move are unknown, but boy can we speculate.

One reason may have something to do with the player that took part in the New World Beta, who named themselves AmazonOfficial and began to state scathing but oh-so-true facts about the titanic corporation.

New World bans Jeff Bezos Not pictured: Jeff Bezos

When asked by Kotaku about her stunt, Lulu Chiba stated “Whenever I have the chance to name a character as an online ID, I always go for whatever I think they might have overlooked or banned and see what is allowed...to my surprise, both AmazonOfficial and AmazonSupport were still up (so were TwitterOfficial, TwitchSupport, and many others).”

If players do find themselves tempted to pull a Lulu Chiba and try their luck at something similar to Jeff Bezos but definitely not Jeff Bezos, we would begrudgingly advise that you don’t. The rules of the game state that players cannot “impersonate any individual or entity, including employees or representatives of Amazon” and goes on to clarify that this includes “misspellings, alternate spellings, or combinations of words, symbols, and letters to produce a result that would otherwise violate this policy.” Meaning New World bans aplenty are en route.

So in a roundabout way, Jeff Bezos is banned insofar as we won’t see any Jeffs running around fighting the evil Marauders in the name of the righteous Covenant. But we're not sure we wanted him there pricing out all the player-run stores anyway.

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