We almost can’t believe that the day has arrived. But the release of Amazon Games’ highly-anticipated MMORPG, New World, is upon us. Excitement is in the air and the shores of the New World itself are close enough to touch. But what will you do when you arrive? And which of the three New World factions should you choose?

The New World factions sit at the heart of its PvP mechanics. Upon arriving in Aeternum, the colonisers waste no time in adopting a ‘this town ain’t big enough for the three of us’ mentality. And from there the eternal tussle for territory control begins. PvP is optional, though players who opt-out will be omitting a sizable chunk of New World’s most enjoyable features.

The New World Factions

Players can pick a New World faction from level 10 - essentially immediately after completing the beginner missions. These include:

  • Marauders - Armour-clad strongmen fighting for total freedom within a land where the biggest claim goes to the biggest muscle.

  • Syndicate - Shadowy, secretive knowledge-seekers, deploying cunning and guile to achieve their goals.

  • Covenant - Religious nuts whose faith in the light of the Spark motivates them to fight for justice and righteousness.

New World Factions - Syndicate

Who to Choose?

Choosing one of the three New World factions essentially boils down to two main factors: how popular they are and whether they look cool. Two things that we didn’t think we’d have to concern ourselves with since school.

Picking a faction with the most members is almost like choosing a difficulty level. The more popular they are, the more territory they’re likely to control (which, when within its borders, will bestow buffs). While picking the underdog will likely leave faction members with less territory, and less support. But everybody does love an underdog, after all, and the devs have promised some underdog mechanics to help boost the waning faction.

Aside from these considerations, it’s all about the image. Faction equipment is purely cosmetic and doesn’t bestow any extra buffs. But if you want a badass plague doctor mask, or classic tricorn hat, then you’ll want to choose the Syndicate or Covenant, respectively.

Whichever you choose, choose wisely, as players will need to wait 120 days before they can change their faction. As for me, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be getting my hands on a plague doctor mask as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out our in-depth review and the New World Q&A for more info on the title ahead of its release tomorrow.

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