New World is the MMORPG making one heck of a splash. While most New World PvP modes are for mid and late game players, some can be played from day one on Aeternum. Below we've explained all of the New World PvP modes available to players of every level.

What are the New World PvP Modes?

New World PvP Mode 1: Duelling

Prerequisites: Level 10

After reaching level-10, players can choose to duel each other with no consequences. Consider duels as your New World PvP test runs. You don't die, your equipment doesn't degrade, and you have nothing to lose nor gain...apart from pride of course. Duels are enabled and possible even when PvP is switched off, although both players have to agree. If NPCs or other players interfere in a duel, it will automatically end in a draw. And yes, you can do group duels and asymmetric duels in New World. Simply join a group before the duel has been initiated and get stuck in.
Two players duel outside the Shattered Obelisk - New World PvP ModesTwo players duel outside the Shattered Obelisk

New World PvP Mode 2: Open World PvP

Prerequisites: Join a faction

After joining a faction, players can simply enable the optional PvP mode and then venture through the world as normal. When PvP is enabled, you have a 30 second safety countdown after leaving a settlement. After which you can attack and be attacked by other members with PvP flagged. Players with PvP flagged passively gain 10% more experience, regardless of activity.

New World PvP Mode 3: Faction Missions

Prerequisites: Join a faction

Raising a Faction's influence over a territory requires the completion of Faction missions. One of the most efficient methods of doing this is PvP missions. It is only when PvP is enabled, for example, that players can enter a fort and complete vital pre-war quests and objectives.

New World PvP Mode 4: War

Prerequisites: Chosen by Company

Much like the PvE Invasions (more on those soon), Wars are the medium by which Factions gain and lose territories. After a challenging Faction gains sufficient influence, a conflict occurs. To join a war, players must sign up at a settlement's War Board. However, these battles are capped at 50 warriors on each side. Whether you are chosen will be a decision made by your Company leaders based on your level and reputation. While wars could theoretically only be fought by a singular company, most of the time Companies will enlist the help of outside members in the same Faction.

New World PvP Mode 5: Outpost Rush

Prerequisites: Level 60

Outpost Rush is New World's core PvP late-game content. Although it could also be described as PvPvE as there are a variety of components and objectives for your teams of 20 to complete. From harvesting to defeating NPCs, Outpost Rush is designed to be a dynamic and ever-changing game-mode. Victors can receive plenty of Azoth as well as valuable rewards such as Legendary weapons and armour. It can be joined as a group. is committed to bringing you all the freshest, funniest, and most insightful MMO news. If you enjoyed this content, why not share it with your community? And make sure that you never miss our updates and exclusive giveaways by following and favouriting us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.