While most fans of the soon-to-be-actually-multiplayer space survival sandbox No Man's Sky wait for the NEXT update to arrive, it's also possible that there are some former players of the game who were perhaps jaded by the title's underwhelming launch. To that point, a new No Man's Sky features video has outlined 11 of the largest updates the game has gotten since then.

no man's sky features video

The video takes you through some of the most notable improvements that have come to No Man's Sky over the course of its three major titled updates, including base building, additional missions and story beats, terraforming, and a reason for those weird portal buildings to actually exist.

New information on just what's actually in No Man's Sky NEXT is still pretty much non-existent, but the reveal of the video has also included word of pre-order bonuses for players who purchase the game on Xbox One, including an Artios-VI multitool, 10,000 Units of in-game currency, and a special cosmetic space suit with a remarkably silly-looking helmet as pictured below (click the image to expand):

no man's sky features video

No Man's Sky NEXT is arriving on July 24th for NA players and July 27th for European players. The "11 Things" video is embedded below.

Our Thoughts

Seems like the folks at Hello Games have learned their lesson about showing their hand too soon. While we were hoping to report on some more substantial news about No Man's Sky NEXT, we're just going to have to sit and wait until they post patch notes like everyone else, it looks like.

Source: press release