Well that didn't take long. Just last week JoyGames announced that One Piece Online would be heading in to closed beta. Today, that closed beta has ended and anyone who's interested can sign up and play for free. One Piece Online blends traditional MMOs with a tower defense style combat system. Players will have the opportunity to recruit and play alongside their favorite characters from the Manga.

One Piece Online requires no download and can be played in your browser. The game is aimed more at a casual audience, but still has plenty of content and strategy elements that more hardcore MMORPG players will enjoy. To coincide with the launch, JoyGames has stated it will be running various in game events over the next several weeks. No specific information has been revealed as to what the events will contain or what the rewards for participation will be.

One Piece Online

For more information on One Piece Online, please visit the official website.

From JoyGames:

OnePiece Online is a large-scale horizontal tower defense ARPG browser game based on the OnePiece manga series. The partner system and unique tower defense ARPG gameplay matched with OnePiece's epic storyline both immerse player into the Great Age of Pirates.