This news takes "PC Master Race" to a whole new level. A recent study by MyVoucherCodes, a money saving website, revealed that the ones who do most of their gaming on PC are the best in the bedroom. They came out on top when it comes to sexual prowess, beating those who use PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The Secret World

The study polled 2,474 partners of gamers in the UK, as part of research into the effect playing games has on relationships. The respondents' partners were asked how they would rate their partner in the bedroom, after having specified which console they used to play video games. 11 percent of the partners said their partner was 'excellent' in bed, while most - 27 percent to be precise - said their partner was simply 'good'. 26 percent stated their partner was 'average' in bed and a disappointing 20 percent weren't all too happy about their sexy time and branded it as 'below average'.

When the results were broken down, the conclusion ensued: PC players were the best in bed according to their partners. 54 percent of PC gamers were described as 'good' or above and 22 percent were even labeled as 'excellent'. Xbox players are not too shabby in the bedroom either, with 47 percent being described as 'good' or above.

PlayStation gamers though, sheesh. Only three percent were described as 'excellent' and eight percent as very good. Perhaps all those exclusive titles aren't too good for the exclusive time with your partner? Respondents were also asked about the frequency of gaming compared to bedroom activity and their opinion on the ratio. 21 percent of the respondents wanted 'more sex, less gaming', while only 11 percent wanted 'less sex, more gaming'. Well, there's that.

Our Thoughts

We just talked about one type of gamer being better in bed than the other. We're sitting this one out.

Source: Peek