Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Perfect World: Revolution had smashed the 1m pre-registrations milestone, and now it’s been released.

The game has a vertically oriented interface, allowing you to access everything on the screen with just your thumb, making it easier than ever to drop in for a quick spot of levelling up, dungeon-crawling, exploring, or whatever. We also reported that the game would be available on July the 20th. Well guess what? Look at your calendar. That’s right. Perfect World: Revolution is here.

Perfect World is a huge MMO with a unique Eastern aesthetic. It sees you romping around in a fantasy kingdom inspired by Eastern history and mythology, which means you’ll come across tiger people, dragons, gorgeous Asian architecture, and more. It’s a sprawling experience that allows you to explore an entire continent, from the depths of the sea to the vaulting heights of the sky, as well as experiencing bone-shaking battles, banging street parties, and thrilling cross-server dungeon raids.

Perfect World: Revolution is a comprehensive overhaul of the original, improving every single aspect of the experience while optimizing it for a mobile audience. The whole game has been brought right up to date with graphically enriched character models, refined environments, improved designs, and so on. And it’s also been made a lot more playable - particularly for gamers who enjoy the convenience of one-handed play.

The refinements don’t stop there. It’s now possible to switch between Perfect World’s seven classes at will, meaning you can try out all of the different tactical options without having to create a bunch of new characters. The RPG mechanics have been refined too.

If you had the good sense to pre-register for Perfect World: Revolution, you can now claim your full complement of rewards, including Soulstone, Chests, Gems, a costume, and a Mystery Pack worth 400 Gold Ingots. Plus, you can get an extra special gift by entering the code PWRNOW.

Perfect World: Revolution is available for free right now on the App Store and Google Play.

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