A new mod for Ark: Survival Evolved has been developed by FinntasticGames that lets players finally live out their dreams of being a dinosaur.

Who hasn’t pretended to be, or at least thought about being, a dinosaur at least once in their lives? Of course, almost everyone has wanted to be a dinosaur because they’re freaking awesome! With this new mod from FinntasticGames that fantasy can come to life in Ark: Survival Evolved.

There are currently 22 different dinosaurs that you can play as with this mod, and you can even create your very own hunting pack. It takes 30 minutes to lay an egg and 10 minutes to hatch it, but it’s definitely worth it. Once players hatch their dino minions, they can be ordered to follow or stay put.

List of creatures you can play as:

  • Raptor

  • Rex

  • Spinosaurus

  • Megalodon

  • Plesiosaurus

  • Pteranodon

  • Dodo

  • Trike

  • Parasolosaurus

  • Titanoboa

  • Anklyosaurus

  • Broodmother

  • Dilosaurus

  • Dimorphodon

  • Dragon

  • Alpha Raptor

  • Alpha Rex

  • Direwolf

  • Mosasaurus

  • Pachy

  • Quetzal

  • Dragonfly

Unfortunately, this is only a single-player mod at the moment, so there will be no re-creating Jurassic Park with your friends, but there are plans to add multiplayer elements in the future.

Our Thoughts:

Steam Workshop has truly lead to a lot of inspirational mods and this one is top notch. Adding in the ability to play as your favorite dinosaurs will make a lot of Ark fans happy.

Source: Steam