Ever since it was launched 2 years ago players have been begging for Pokemon Go PvP and now that is finally becoming a reality. In a blog post today Niantic laid out some of the details of what we can all look forward to in Pokemon Go Trainer Battles. In it they answer a lot of questions about PvP so here’s a quick breakdown of it all.

Trainer Battles will begin this month, though they don’t specify an exact date.

To battle, trainers must be in the same Trainer Battle League.

For Ultra Friends and Best Friends distance doesn’t matter, you’ll be able to battle your closest friends no matter how far away they are. For anyone below Ultra Friends, you will have to be nearby them.

Battles are fast-paced and happen in real time. So you won’t be waiting around for your turn.

You’ll also be able to train with the team leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche. Doing so will give you rewards once a day which includes the ever so important Stardust.

In a battle, you will have a team of 3 Pokemon who will be able to use their Fast Attack and Charged Attack. You’ll even be able to use Stardust and Candy to unlock a bonus Charged Attack for your Pokemon. You’ll also have a limited use Protective Shield you can deploy.

When trainer battles are completed both participants will receive great rewards which include a chance at rare Evolution Items.

IGN has even more details as they got some hands-on time with the PvP update. According to their article, the following is true.

Players only get 2 Protective Shields to use the entire battle

Possible prizes include Stardust and Sinnoh Stones. You’ll be able to earn these rewards 3 times a day but you can continue to battle as much as you want to count towards your medals. This means you’ll get rewards up to 4 times a day, very not bad.

You won’t be able to pick Ditto or Shedinja for your battle team.

No items can be used in battle. Pokemon also can’t dodge.

Pokemon won’t be boosted by the weather.

Battling won’t use revives or potions. They will have full health once the battle is finished.


Niantic also suggested that Trainer Battles are just the beginning of what the team wants to accomplish with a competitive mode. More complex features may arrive in the future as the game evolves.

IGN has more coverage, including video so be sure to check their preview out in the link below.

Source: Official Site, IGN