Wildstar has introduced quite a few new and interesting races to MMOs and the game isn’t even out yet. Each of them has their own back story though all of them are intertwined with eachother. Wildstar also goes back to a classic MMO period when not every race would be able to play every class. So not only is there a little bit of history to learn but working out which class can be played by which race. We’ve laid it all out for you in this handy guide to the races of Wildstar.


The Dominion is the Galactic Empire started by the Humans from the planet Cassus. The Cassian were commanded to form this empire by their Gods the Eldan, a powerful race of aliens. They’re ruthless and rule with an iron fist.


Wildstar Cassian

Cassian are your standard rich Humans. They’re the leaders of The Dominion something they pride themselves on, right after their fashion. Cassian’s use impressive military might, intimidation, and politics to rule the galaxy. And they see it as their destiny to rule over Nexus. As they are Humans, the Cassian are able to play all classes.


Wildstar Chua

The Chua are the brilliant, sociopath inventors of the Dominion. They are the inventors behind the Dominion’s greatest weapons and technology. This race of short beings have little interest beyond creating things and being mischievous. Two things that they do very, very well. But they stand out from their Dominion brethren, they see Nexus as nothing more than another resource to mine and strip clean. They don’t care about any sacred holy lands, all they see are resources that their planet lost long ago. Chua can be Spellslingers, Espers, Medics, or Engineers.


Wildstar Draken

The Draken hail from the savage and brutal world Mikros. These mighty warriors swore an allegiance to the Dominion following the death of their leader in an epic duel. Nexus is the ultimate test for the Draken, being the front line in the war against the Exiles and a strange new world full of mysterious and dangerous things to kill. Draken can be Warriors, Stalkers, or Spellslingers.


Wildstar Mechari

The Mechari were engineered by the Eldan themselves. This race of killing machines were sent out to observe other races on other planets. They helped the Cassians form the Dominion. They gave Chua technology, bringing them up from cute, mischievous forest dwellers to the industrious inventors they are today. The Mechari were created to be a servant race. They spread far and wide and eventually lost Nexus all together. When Nexus was found once again the Mechari hoped to be reunited with their long lost masters. But they were gone. The fate of the Eldan is one of the galaxy’s greatest mysteries. Mechari players can pick from the Warrior, Engineer, Medic, and Stalker classes.

The Exiles

The Exiles are a group of mercenaries, refugees, and rebellious sorts who have discovered Nexus and plan to call it home. When all hope seemed to be lost word came that Nexus had been found and it was somewhere they could settle down. The races got together, having been driven from their homeworlds by Dominion and swore to protect eachother no matter the cost.


Wildstar Aurin

The tree huggers of the galaxy, the Aurin were forest dwelling hippies until the Dominion pushed them off their planet. Now they’ve set off for Nexus with the other Exiles to make a new home in Nexus. Though they’ll never forget their roots and the planet they were forced to leave behind. Aurin can be Esper, Stalker, or Spellslingers.


Wildstar Granok

Originally given technology and knowledge from the Dominion the large stone beings called Granok opposed the idea of kneeling to anyone, so they turned the Mechari sent to them to dust. This started a war with the Dominion that saw some Granok break away from the traditions of their people. Though they were victorious in the war they were branded outcasts by their people and not allowed to return. Now those outcasts lead the volunteer militias of the Exiles. Granok can be Medics, Engineers, or Warriors.


Wildstar Human

The heart and soul of the Exiles, the Humans were once part of Cassian society before rebelling against harsh laws they didn’t agree with. They broke away, taking just a few ships with them. Lead by the former Cassian warship, Gambler’s Ruin the Humans have roamed the galaxy looking for a new place to call home before the centuries old Gambler’s Ruin fails completely. In Wildstar the Humans enjoy the freedom of picking from any of the classes.


Wildstar Mordesh

Victims of their own success the Mordesh were once part of the Dominion and had thought to have found the key to immortality. An elixir which was claimed to give everlasting life soon turned an entire planet into mindless cannibals. Instead of offering aid the Domintion quarantined the Mordesh. Before their entire species one man created a serum that would prove to be salvation for the Mordesh. It suppressed the cannibalism and mindless rage, but the necrotic appearance was unchanged. Desperate to escape their doomed world they turned to the Exiles who helped smuggle them past the blockade. The Mordesh have come to Nexus hoping to find a cure once and for all and put an end to being called Space Zombie. Mordesh can be Engineers, Medics, Stalkers, Warriors, or Spellslingers.

And there you have the races of Wildstar. They’re a wild and interesting bunch. Sure you have humans, and you have tree huggers but Wildstar has left behind the most popular MMO races. No Dwarves, no Elves, and no cat people. Instead they have refreshingly new faces, insane ideas, and a serious back story despite the humor. Of course now the hard part comes in when you have to decide what to play. Be sure to look out for more Wildstar guides in the future and check out our reviews of the game so far.