The WoW Classic Season of Mastery is upon us, tasking Azeroth’s pluckiest players with challenges fit for aficionados. And rewards aplenty await.

The WoW Classic Season of Mastery aims to repackage classic content with extra spice. Allowing for veteran players to relive fan-favourite moments in a context worthy of their skills.

For example, world buff effects such as Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Warchief’s Blessing, and Spirit of Zandalar will no longer have an effect in raid instances.

Additionally, there has been a crackdown on savvy manoeuvres such as ‘mage boosting’. This practice sees higher level players boosting lower level players, such as when a high-level mage brings a lower-level player into a dungeon and proceeds to wipe the floor with the enemies within, bestowing the lower-level tag-along with a somewhat undeserved mountain of XP.

This crackdown will also extend to the way that XP is distributed when players ‘tap’ an enemy that is then finished off by another.

That’s not to say that the season will be nothing but a merciless gauntlet, however. Boons such as the Adventure Awaits buff will provide players under level 60 with a 40% boost to XP gains for quest turn-ins. And additional bonus XP will be doled out for Group and Dungeon Quest turn-ins. Plus, the Looking for Group tool that was present in The Burning Crusade Classic is sticking around.

PvP fans can also look forward to progressing through the ranks twice as fast as normal, provided they consistently finish at the top of their realm and faction’s rankings each week.

There’s plenty more in store - so be sure to clue yourself up with the official guide before diving in. And to anyone who may be feeling apprehensive, just bear in mind: with great risk comes great reward. is committed to bringing you all the freshest, funniest, and most insightful MMO news. If you enjoyed this content, why not share it with your community? And make sure that you never miss our updates and exclusive giveaways by following and favouriting us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.