Bigpoint Games releases the newest Sentinel for its science fiction inspired MOBA Shards of War. The fifteenth addition to the lineup is a short ranged melee Sentinel known as Ryudo. His arsenal includes plenty of crowd controls such as stuns and damage over time abilities which will help him harass his enemy in the laning phase and hopefully slow enemy players down long enough to secure a kill in later phases of the game.

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  • His ultimate skill lends itself to these accurate assaults. ‘Crossfade’ can teleport Ryudo over vast distances to directly confront his main target or drop behind the battle lines of the enemy. This also stuns and damages all foes in his path.

  • Skilled players are able to repeatedly use ‘Fast Break’, which makes Ryudo dash forward to slow and wound enemies, and ‘Blade Storm’, which channels damage to all enemies in front for a short burst.

  • Coupled with his incredible mobility, his defensive skill ‘Rejection!’ uses his sword to block incoming base attacks, allowing Ryudo to remain in the battle longer than most.

  • Finally ‘Mad Flow’ reduces most of his skill cooldowns by half a second each time he hits his enemy with his primary attack