Tell Skyforge what you want, what you really really want. A Skyforge survey has cropped up on the MMO's Twitter page, seeking input from players on what the game currently offers as well as what it may be lacking while also providing a look at classes that may soon be on the way.

skyforge survey

As surveys go, this one is pretty small; a mere six questions, with a seventh in the form of a comment box for you to speak your mind. The questions look to take the temperature of the playerbase by asking what players think about the game as well as the recently released Revenant class.

Of particular interest is the second page of the survey, which lists six new classes:

  • Bard, a support class with a high-tech musical instrument.

  • Duelist, a twin sword-swinging melee DPS.

  • Samurai, a melee class that uses a katana (naturally).

  • Engineer, which can mount a turret and uses other tech for ranged assault.

  • Druid, which can shapeshift into a unique creature.

  • Dreadnought, a heavy armor-wearing tank class that uses an electro-whip and a flying shield.

There's no real word on how much development time has been spent on the classes in question, if any, or even whether any of these options will see the light of day. Still, if you're a Skyforge fan, you can make your voice heard by clicking here.

Our Thoughts

The great majority of those classes sound interesting (save for the Engineer, which kind of sounds like another Gunner), but we're personally most intrigued by the Dreadnought, if only to see just what a flying shield and an electro-whip look like.

Source: Twitter

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