The Dragomon Hunter development team, or Dragon Slayer as it’s known in Asia, has had its hands busy and has already announced another new class for its Eastern servers.

Dragomon Hunter

The newest reveal for Dragomon Hunter shows off the Sniper class, which has two completely different play styles depending on which weapon it uses. The sniper can either choose to focus on long-range burst DPS with the bow as a Sharpshooter, or alternate between mid and short-range attacks with the Hunter’s boomerang.

Having just launch the open beta in North America and Europe last month, Dragomon Hunter is lagging slightly behind its Dragon Slayer counterpart. The Eastern version of the game recently revealed a new expansion and another class, the Knight, which can use either a spear and shield or a sword and shield. Currently, the NA and EU versions of the game only have 4 available classes: Scout, Mage, Cleric and Mercenary.

Our Thoughts:

Dragomon Hunter has a lot of interesting features, such as its anime-inspired graphics, action combat system, and the ability to capture defeated monsters. Currently, one of its weakest areas is a lack of diverse classes, however, the other versions of the game seem to be addressing this issue and hopefully the new classes arrive in the Western editions of the game in a timely fashion.

Source: MMO Culture