We continue our leveling guide for TERA with a look at levels 30-50. If you'd like to see previous level guides head here.

Level 30 – 32

Ovolisks – Poporia, Valley of the Fang

TERA 30-32 Ovo LocationA

Near the entrance to Sinestral Manor, at the Northeastern end of Valley of the Fang in Popolion, level 27 Ovolisks inhabit the area that can serve well as the buffer to bump you up the two levels needed for the next major grind spot. A lot of people frequent this area, due to the proximity to the dungeon and may require you a few channel switches to find some less active spots. Don’t forget to pick up an Ovolith kill quest from one of the NPCs near the dungeon entrance for some bonus XP.

TERA 30-32 Ovo

Alternative Area

Dusky Basilisks – Val Aureum

TERA 30-32 Alt Loc

South of Chebika, at the extreme southern end of Basilisk Crag, near the outpost, Desert Overwatch, numerous Dusky Basilisks serve as a more challenging, level-appropriate mob that gives more XP than the Ovolisks. I still find the level 27 Ovolisks to be better due to the speed in which I can dispatch them at level 30, making for more XP per hour. But in case for any other reason you cannot farm them, these are the next best thing. You could also choose to farm these until level 34 before moving onto Nagas or Clawriders in the next section.

TERA 30-32 Dusk

Level 32 – 36

Nagas – Ostgarath

TERA 32-36 Location

In Ostgarath, Southeast of Cutthroat Harbor is Mistmoor Island. From the first checkpoint on that Island, Vindicator Basecamp, follow the path Southwest and climb the vines to find yourself headed towards a gigantic circular arena surrounded by Slave Watcher Mobs, and at the very center of it, Nagas. If you remember my advice to avoid them back in Celestial Hills due to their annoying movesets, you’ll understand what I mean here due to the lack of other real options.

TERA 32-36 Naga

Alternative Area

Red Lash Clawriders – Ostgarath

TERA 32-36 Lash

From the Nagas, travel SouthEast pas some wooden barricades and head for the Vindicator Outpost. Near that area, in the circular portion on the map, are Red Lash Clawriders that can be an alternative to Nagas. It depends solely on what you find easier to take down. As a tank, I found it far easier to control the Clawriders due to the very straightforward nature of their attacks. For dps, I dealt with Nagas more in general as melee and the Clawriders as ranged. Be warned, however, that Clawriders also have this annoying attack where they will charge at you, covering a very long distance that not only staggers like crazy, but set in the right position, they could travel far enough to actually reset themselves. It rarely happens, but when it does, I feel like smashing my head on a wall.


At level 35, you become eligible to enter the dungeon, Cultist’s Refuge. Much like the last two dungeons, runs through here give great amounts of XP and should be run till you are no longer eligible for it. As always, decently geared DPS with their maxed out avatar weapon should try to solo the instance for tons of experience.

Level 36 – 38:

Desert Fire Mobs – Val Aureum, Colossal Ruins

TERA 36-38 Location

Northwest of Tulufan, northeast of the outpost of Camp Marrakeen, lies an encampment of a very dense area of Desert Fire Mobs, including a boss that patrols the area, also dropping a Hunter’s Boon buff. This is a fantastic area to level in but, because of that, it is also quite popular. There aren’t too many channels in the Val Aureum region and may make for some difficult times claiming spots, becoming the first of many other spots that may be hard to progress quickly. However, the encampment is large enough to sate two players on opposite ends without compromising the rate of XP gain.

TERA 36-38 Fire

Alternative Area

Hyenas and Wolves – Val Aureum, Aurum Road

Perhaps better only as filler XP to obtain a lacking segment on the bar, the hyenas just outside of Tulufan, towards Camp Marrakeen, could serve as an option, but not a real alternative to Desert Fire Mobs due to their lower XP and spacing between each other.

Lokian Mobs – Val Aureum, Colossal Ruins

TERA 36-38 Alt Loc

This area, located at the easternmost part of Colossal Ruins, is host to a relatively dense pack of Lokian Mobs that give great XP similar to the Desert Fire mobs. This place is mostly overlooked by other mob grinders and is a place frequented only by questers, so there won’t be much resistance in farming the area. There is also a pair of bosses that give excellent XP for the level range that can only benefit the haste of your leveling. The only downside to this is that the mobs are slightly tougher than the abovementioned at level 37 and a bit harder to group up because of the slightly larger distance between each other when compared to Desert Fire mobs. These could also be great alternative to the next section, viable for a leveling spot until level 40.

TERA 36-38 Lok

Level 38 – 40

Yearning Vulcans – Val Aureum, Aurum Road

TERA 38-40 Location

Far West of Tulufan, in the northwestern end of Aurum Road, and North of Torrent Outpost lies Storst Ruins with numerous Vulcans. There’s no real fear of tagging them first before other players due to their toughness as BAMS.

TERA 38-40 Vuls

Take Note

At level 40, leveling becomes much more difficult. It is normally advised to quest in an appropriate area like in Westonia or Essenia, but the spots mentioned below are still much faster though it will take longer than the pre-40 grind spots. There are also no bams listed in the section below due to normal mobs being more profitable, but there’s nothing wrong in attempting it. But, in my opinion, unless you can down a BAM right for your level within 30-40 seconds, it’s not worth it. When you do decide for this, any BAM is fine.

Level 40 – 46

The spots here should be engaged at your discretion as the class you are using determines how easy/fast it could be. Again, it might be best to level at this point.

Forestwalker Mobs – Essenia, Blessing Basin

Tera 40-46 Alt 1 Location

Similar to Desert Fire mobs, they’re clumped up in nice little patches of dense all over the area. They also have relatively large leashes, able to be pulled quite far before they reset.

Tera 40-46 Alt 1

Drowned Gulas, Deathfrost Cavaliers, and Frigid Ossugun – Westonia, Tempest Reach

TERA 40-46 Alt 2 LocationA

They are plentiful, close to each other, but can be somewhat difficult to take down in large groups due to their many skills that are prone to knock you down and, in turn, have the possibility of killing you outright while you lie on the ground, reflecting on why you keep playing this game.


At level 41, Necromancer’s Tomb is now open for you to wreak havoc in. This can be solo’d but it will be much more difficult than those already encountered, making it impractical. It’s better to keep running it via instance matching for a party and fashion coupons. It’s a very short instance that yields a decent amount XP. This will be the last dungeon you should ever run that concerns XP farming as all other dungeons in the future are either too long with to be worth the XP, or too short (like Akasha’s Hideout) with little payoff. But, by all means, keep yourself queued for dungeons for gear upgrades.

Level 46 – 48

Brutal Sabertooth – Val Palrada, Quarantine Zone

TERA 46-48 Location

North of Frontera and South of Arachnaea is a quaint little spot in the Quarantine Zone where sabertooths roam. This is another pretty slow spot, but the best one at this level range. These cats have short leashes too, so make sure to gather them in an area halfway each mob’s starting point. This place can be easily divided into two sections as provided in the image. Attempting to gather all of them, criss-crossing the indicated areas, will most definitely reset a lot of them, potentially wasting your time. Pick a side and stick with it.

TERA 46-48 Sab

Level 48 – 50: Level Limbo

This is an odd level range. There aren’t exactly anything fast enough to get through these levels as questing and killing mobs/BAMs feel relatively the same. You could choose to keep bashing sabertooths until 50, but at 48, it becomes noticeably slow. There are still some spots that you could head for, but these are merely a notch above the Sabertooths. Don’t forget to update your gear either by running the Golden Labyrinth and Akasha’s Hideout (when you’re able), or purchase from the broker if you have the gold to spare.

TERA 48-50 Alts

Gula Mobs – Ostgarath, Ascension Valley, Hungry Caverns

Located in the Hungry Caverns in Ostgarath. The only reason why it isn’t initially recommended is that you can’t possibly pull them out of the room they’re located in, thus cutting into you speed by not being able to a lot more of them all at once. It will take some getting used to, but you’ll eventually figure out an optimal pattern in killing them despite the linearity of the area.

Aberrant Gulons – Ostgarath, Ascension Valley, Hungry Caverns

Located at the bottom-most level of the caverns, they can be dealt with in the same fashion as the ones above. For further effectiveness, try a bit of channel surfing after every clear.

If there are any suggestions that can help other players looking over this guide, feel free to post on the comments section below and head on over to the final part of the guide once it goes live.