We continue our TERA leveling guide with a look at levels 50-65. If you’d like to see previous level guides head here.

Level 50 – 58

Devan Mobs – Sylvanoth, Sussurus Woods

TERA Leveling Guide 50-58 Devs

You probably know this one already. The incredibly dense thicket of Devans that roam the area, coupled with the 3 bosses that spawn, easily make this the go-to spot at this level range. Provided that you are fortunate enough to be the only person there within a channel, which happened on three different characters for me, you can easily gain the 8 levels in 1.5-3 hours (depending on your skill and class, of course). Unfortunately, since it is the best, it is also the most popular leveling spot and may be unable to claim any territory to level in, especially in this current Gunner/Brawler climate.

TERA 50-58 Devs Game

Alternative Area

Mekonari and Spectral Mobs – Sylvanoth, Sussurus Woods

TERA Leveling Guide 50-58 Alt

This is your next best bet to leveling through those 8 levels quickly. The mobs here not only yield the same experience as the Devans above, but are also just as dense with a boss as well. If all else fails with the Devans, head over here as it is mostly overlooked by many players. This may be listed as an optional area but, believe me, it’s just as good as the one above.

TERA 50 - 58 Alt Game

Take Note

Even though you get your next Avatar weapon at level 59, I strongly suggest you purchase an enchantable level 58 weapon and gloves from the broker in order to help power through the next mobs much more easily. They’ll have more health than what you’re used to and the leveling process will feel far slower than it actually is without them.

This is also the point where you should stop considering questing due to the length of each quest, the dismal experience gain, and the travel time involved with level-appropriate quests. If you can do some incidentally then by all means go for it, but it should never be a focus.

Level 58 – 60

Argonomorph Mugato – Val Tirkai, Tirkai Forest

You can find these south of Pathfinder Post, down a long and wide road. Easily the best farming spot for the final 2 levels before heading off to the expansion’s content. Unfortunately, like the Devan mobs in Sylvanoth, this spot is just as popular and there will be many attempting to lay claim to a spot.

At best, there are three segments that can be shared by respectable grinders shown below.

TERA 58-50 Mugs

This is simply the best spot. There are a few more channels now than before due to the Gunner patch, but expect many to be farming this area in every channel. Fight for your spot and defend it to your last strand of sanity.

Alternative Areas

Tirkai Grizzlies / Argonomorph Grizzlies

TERA 58 - 60 Alt 1

Another well known spot are the grizzlies of both the normal and Argonomorph kind. They yield the same experience but are spaced out to a point where you can only get about 6-8 at a time without others resetting. I don’t particularly like this place, but some claim that they are effective.

Argonomorph Gulas

TERA Leveling Guide 58-60 Alt 2

Located a little bit south of the Mugatos. Just like the Grizzlies, they’re quite spaced out from one another, but plentiful nonetheless.

Argonomorph Runekeepers

TERA 58-60 Alt 3

Northeast of Pathfinder post, there are quite a number of these Runekeepers that are decently close to one another. It should be a great spot were it not for the small space they inhabit, meaning that there may be some waiting involved for them to respawn, which makes channel surfing a viable tactic.

Argonomorph Lokian Reavers and Athakela Stalkers

TERA 58-60 Alt 4

Plentiful in number, but spaced similarly to the Grizzlies and Gulas, spread across a long road North of the Skyfields. The only problem with this spot is that you won't be able to clump together as many mobs due to short leashes and very large distances between one another.


The hard part is over! Hooray for you! Getting to max from here is going to be a breeze. My general advice is to simply follow the expansion’s story quest that will take you to Val Oriyn. If you didn’t get the quest automatically upon dinging 60, head back to Velika to receive it automatically. Also, don’t skimp out on doing the daily Vanguard Initiative quests as they net you a ton of XP. However, because of the daily limit, pick and choose the highest XP reward. I suggest avoiding dungeons for the time being because they can be time-consuming activities to a non-65. Stick with the green quests.

However, even when you get to the very end of the story quest line and a day’s worth of dailies, you still might not be 65. To ensure that the story will get you there, be at least 62 and a half or all the way to 63. Below are a few suggestions for grinding spots that can serve to speed the process, but these are not at all the only places you can go for, and there are many more places just as good, but only slightly less effective. BAMs still give a lot of XP, but I still find them to be counterproductive due to how slowly certain classes can whittle their health down, so I'll be sticking to normal mobs instead.

Level 60 – 62 (65)

Parthian Mobs

TERA 60-65

Needing no location images, this spot, near Amjaduk Trading Post, is incredibly popular but extremely effective. These mobs spawn so quickly and are so tightly packed that they can be easily farmed all the way until max level. It’ll be very hard to find an unoccupied channel with everyone attempting to farm this, so I suggest only until 62. There are other areas with dense Parthian mobs, but there are none like this one. Other places are shown below as well. Be careful, though, as these mobs hit hard and knockdown quite often, even more so when there are plenty of them hitting you at the same time. You either need very strong AoE at your disposal, innate knockdown prevention or skills like that of the Slayer and the Berserker. Don't feel bad if you find other folks with the same level able to take on more than you. Just make sure you never bite off more than you can chew.

Level 62 – 63 (65)

Kariagon and Archdevan Mobs

TERA 60-65 Alt

This is your last leg until you’re really floating and spitting in the wind. Just tap these guys for one more level and then continue on to do your story quest. This is also a nice place to get to 65, but the spawns from the last area are still better. There are similar areas south of this location with the same mobs, so you can go try those and see what you like better.

TERA 60-65 Alt

That’s it! You made it to, or are about to be, level 65! If you so happen to have any opinions, discoveries, or other tips I may have overlooked feel free to leave your suggestions below in the comments!