During our lifetimes we’ve all seen MMORPGs rise and fall. If they ever rise at all. And for an MMORPG to last 20 years is especially commendable. But today Anarchy Online celebrates that milestone. And with sci-fi MMORPGs being so prolific these days, we think it’s worth paying tribute to the originator.

The longevity of Anarchy Online is especially significant considering its tumultuous launch. 20 years ago this week, the title suffered a particularly turbulent release. Stability, registration and billing issues damaged its reputation from the get-go, with gaming publications lambasting it as the worst launch in MMO history. However, following swift fixes and pioneering the ‘free trial’, Anarchy Online eventually won back the public favour that it has enjoyed ever since.

Aside from being the first sci-fi MMORPG, Anarchy Online also lays claim to being the first to introduce dynamic questing, instancing and in-game advertising. Its passionate community is a testament to its ingenuity, and it's no wonder that the devs have put together this poignant retrospective video to celebrate.

## Anarchy Online 20th Anniversary Rewards

Of course, no MMORPG can celebrate an anniversary without dishing out some celebratory gifts. From now until 14th July, Anarchy Online players can enjoy the following rewards:

  • Subscription Offer: three, six and twelve-month subscription offers will provide pieces of the all-new Preserved Colonist armour set. Plus, an extra Combat Nano Can: Premium Experience Boost will be provided with each tier.

  • Login Rewards: Special daily login rewards will feature ‘unique rewards and absolutely, totally original and 100% legally distinct items that aren’t in any way referencing other classic video games released in 2001’. Sounds like a fun game of ‘spot the difference’ is afoot.

  • Special Encounters: The Tinker needs your help to eliminate Desert Nomads and gather parts. The Desert Rider world event also returns, bringing extra gifts and rewards and the chance to storm the Desert Nomad Fortress.

  • World Bosses - The BIG TROX Loren Warr returns as an outdoor raid boss. Plus, reimagined classic bosses return as world bosses. Including Abmouth, Zaal, T.A.M, Cerubin and Atma.

To take a trip down the ‘memory wormhole’, be sure to swing by the Anarchy Online 20th Anniversary news post. And happy anniversary Anarchy Online from all of us at MMOGames.com!

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