Today is the most wonderful of internet holidays, International Cat Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a look at the feline companions of some of our favorite MMOs?

I'm starting us off with World of Warcraft, the MMORPG closest to my heart. I'm still giddy that Blizzard added the ability for all in-game cats to be lap cats - just target your pet and type /sit. And of course, Mr. Bigglesworth is the favorite of Naxxramas Lich, Kel'Thuzad.


Black Desert Online's companion pets are a little more active than the cats of MMOs more traditional, each type coming with a different benefit, as well as looting enemy corpses. The cats are able to detect gatherable resources, which make them great additions to any crafter.

black desert online bdo cat mmorpg

I love Final Fantasy XIV's little kittens! This little guy is from the Golden Saucer and looks like something straight out of Ghibli.


Next we head to sunny Tamriel, where it's... actually raining and not all that sunny after all, and the cats sit in buckets. The Elder Scrolls Online sometimes reflects life pretty well, actually.


Guild Wars 2, equally, has some adorable kitten familiars, even if they're a little uncomfortable in Heart of Thorns' jungles.


The Corpus Kitty in Rift is one you won't see very much. Part of an exclusive pre-order offer I can't even remember anymore, but I love him dearly anyway.


Star Wars the Old Republic has a nice... kitty?


I couldn't not. This Tera screenshot makes me WTF to this day.


And back to World of Warcraft for a dancing Feral Druid. Cat-form will never not be great.


What are your favorite cats of MMOs? Do you agree with our picks or does another game's feline friend have your heart?