A new module set in a familiar land has emerged in Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter. Set to comprise three epic episodes, the latest module The Iron Tooth returns players to Sharandar, an ancient elven keep of the Feywilds now beset by the menace of ancient hags in the surrounding lands.

“The Iron Tooth strikes a balance between new and old, as it not only preserves the spirit of Sharandar that Neverwinter fans have come to love, but also brings several new features that all adventurers will enjoy,” said Chris Whiteside, Neverwinter’s executive producer. “The Neverwinter community has asked for more evolving worlds to explore, so we’re very excited for adventurers to enter the mystical lands of the Fey once again like never before.”

Neverwinter The Iron Tooth

New and returning players can expect a slew of new playable content and updates as part of the mystical module’s arrival.

  • Ruins of Malabog Adventure Zone - The remnants of Malabog’s army have joined forces with the first of the three hags, the Annis Hag. As they terrorise the lands of Sharandar, players must band together to quell this latest threat.

  • New Sharandar Social Hub - The stronghold has been rebuilt by the Iliyanbruen elves and is now a haven for travellers and fey creatures alike.

  • Annis Hag Lair - Nestled in the Ruins of Malabog, the Annis Hag awaits the next plucky band of adventurers brave enough to enter. But to stand a chance against each of the three hags, players must raid the Vault of Stars and steal a fragment of the Night Diamond from the Queen of Air and Darkness.

Two new episodes lie in wait as players show the hag of The Iron Tooth who’s boss, with Episode 2: The Soul Keeper and Episode 3: The Odious Court set to unleash the remaining two hags on Sharandar.

In the meantime, PC players can embroil themselves in this latest Neverwinter chapter straight away, while console players must wait until 16th March. For more info, swing by the official website. Happy hag-hunting!

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