Prepare for an uneasy trip down the uncanny valley. Because Konami’s eFootball is the stuff of nightmares - for pretty much everyone involved. What was once known as PES has undergone some refurbishment for 2021. But the results are scarily akin to the infamous Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) restoration attempt. And equally hilarious.

Konami’s answer to the football game kingpin that is Fifa has been lambasted in recent days, for myriad reasons. And for their sins, Konami’s attempt to rebrand and revamp the rival franchise has won them the not-so-enviable accolade of Steam’s most-hated game. Ouch.

But why all the hate? Well we figured the most fun way of exploring this topic is to quote straight from the ‘overwhelmingly negative’ reviews themselves.

“PES2021 is a psychological horror game produced by Konami studios. It carefully blurs the line between gaming and politics with concerns it was created to demoralise the west. If you love those moments where you have your head in your hands and you consider breaking the key-board or throwing the controller out the window you'll love this.” - Hypnora.

“Words can’t describe how great this game is. But numbers can. 1/10” - masoudbyhimself.

“DEMOGORGON of football game. If you gotten to hell the satan wouldn't give you this game to play, it would be too much even for him. This game needs some holy water ASAP.” - SkidMark

Whether or not these reviews may be slightly hyperbolic is up for debate. But there is certainly something unholy going on with their graphics.

This really makes it hard not to love #FIFA22 😔..#eFootball2022 #efootball #pes2022
I love you FIFA22 .

— Epic Player (@EpicPlyer) September 30, 2021

We are certainly hopeful that eFootball can pull a FFXIV and rise from the ashes of their destruction. If only because FIFA needs some kind of competition to prevent a monopoly on the genre. But we’ll just as certainly enjoy all the memes and hilarious content it will spawn in the meantime.

Thanks for kill my fav game @play_eFootball #efootball2022 here is a Video with Ansu Fati running like naruto

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