One of the things that makes MMOs so great is that they create entire industries around them. Previously, we looked at just a small handful of the YouTubers who primarily focus on making content for Guild Wars 2. This week we’re talking about art, specifically artists you can get Guild Wars 2 art commissions from. Below are just 10 artists who are known for doing Guild Wars 2 commissions who are popular with the community. Many of them are part of ArenaNet’s creative partner program and have been featured on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel as part of their weekly art series.


If you’re looking for fantastic Charr art, Dagos’ Tumblr is full of it. Unfortunately, they don’t have their commission information easily accessible, so if you have a piece you’d like done you’ll have to contact them privately.

Dona Vajgand

Dona’s style can easily be summed up in one word, cute. From adorable Asura portraits to my personal favorite, the Plush Griffon from the Chimes Winterzine, Dona’s art covers a wide variety of subjects from the Guild Wars 2 universe. You can find samples of her work as well as her contact details for commissions on the Dona Vajgand Tumblr.


You may recognize some of Ida’s art if you’ve watched any of ArenaNet’s art shows. That’s because Ida has been a featured artist on the show many times. The Idaida Tumblr is full of Guild Wars 2 art and much more. There’s also a section dedicated completely to commission details. Prices range from €20 for a half body sketch and go up to €400 for a group with full bodies. NSFW art is also on the table with Ida, though be sure to read the restrictions.


Isvoc is creating amazing creature art. Much of her website is filled with amazing dragon art, as well as some other creatures you might recognize from Guild Wars 2. She’s also an ArenaNet creative partner and has been on the Sunday art show several times. The commission section of the ISVOC website is extensive and it has commission prices ranging from $15 to $300+, an FAQ, and a commission status page so you can keep track of how far along your artwork is.


Jylgeartooth’s Deviantart is filled with fantastic Guild Wars 2 portraits that look like they were taken straight out of the game. She has Asura, Humans, Norn, and Sylvari commissions that she’s done before posted on the Deviantart page. Sadly, she doesn’t have any examples of Charr art available, but since they’re the least popular race that is understandable. Her work starts at $110 for character portraits.


Lutherniel is well known on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit for offering anime style portraits in exchange for in-game gold. His style has a way of making adorable Guild Wars 2 characters even cuter. If you prefer more traditional portraits though, he does offer a variety of options on his Deviantart page. Prices start at $50 for a bust and increase from there depending on what you’d like in it. Be sure to read the Deviantart commission journal entry if you’re interested. This is where you’ll find out how to contact him and what he needs to get started.


mSppice creates fantastic Guild Wars 2 and Overwatch fanart. He’s especially good with the fine details of many of Guild Wars 2’s weapons. Unfortunately, the mSppice DeviantArt doesn’t have any information about commissions, so it would seem that contacting him is the only way to find out more.


Pejntboks is another ArenaNet creative partner with an amazing portfolio. Her Tumblr is filled with amazing Charr artwork along with other races. She does work in color and in black and white. Her prices range from €15 for a portrait sketch to €120+ for complex illustrations. She does also do NSFW art if that’s what you’re in the market for. If you like she will also stream while she works on your commission so you can watch your piece of art coming to life.


Setius’ artwork stands out from your normal MMO commissions. They all are stylized to look like stained glass. This unique twist on character commissions is ideal for Guild Wars 2 which is full of bright colors. She will also do other styles if you prefer something a little more traditional. Her stained glass artwork goes for €50 to €95, while her other artwork ranges from €10 to €70. Find out more about doing commissions with her on her Deviantart.


Charr, Asura, Norn, Human, and Sylvari, Wilhengard has done them all with bright colors and a sense of epicness that is unmatched. His Deviantart page is dominated by Guild Wars 2 artwork. He also has black and white Guild Wars 2 themed tarot cards which were made in 2015, long before the current Guild Wars 2 Tarot Card project. Wilhengard doesn’t have any commission information available for reading, so if you’re interested you will have to contact him directly.

These are of course just a few of the amazing artists out there doing Guild Wars 2 commissions. If you know of someone you’d like to see added to this list let me know and I will do an update in the future. If you’re interested in the Guild Wars 2 Tarot Club you can find more information about it on the GW2 Collective’s Tumblr page. This one of a kind set of tarot cards will feature artwork from more than 60 artists on 78 tarot cards, plus a number of wild cards. The proceeds from this project will be going to charity, which one hasn’t been announced yet. Funding for the project begins on April 15th, which is World Art Day.