A few weeks ago we published a pretty comprehensive guide for getting started in Wizard101, but one thing we didn’t really cover is your Wizard101 school choice. An interesting thing about this game is the fact that there are seven schools and six character slots, which means at some point you’re going to have to make a choice.

You might not be at that point yet, but to help you get there, we’re going to make a brief list of the schools, helping you to get started on your journey. It might not seem that meaningful at first, but your choice of school will determine how your character functions, what their purpose is, and most importantly, how you experience the game.


How to Make your Wizard101 School Choice

When you jump into the game for the first time you're going to be asked a series of questions, the first one being whether you are a boy or a girl. You are free to answer this however you want and once you get past that, it’s going to ask you another series of questions that will gauge the way in which you would most enjoy the game. For example, someone like me who is more interested in helping the group and healing would be assigned the class of Theurgist which attends the school of Life.

You can answer the questions however you wish or you can skip them entirely and choose your own class. Before you do that, however, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you Prefer playing Alone or in Groups?

  • Do you Prefer Damage over Accuracy?

  • Do you like Taking Damage?

  • Do You Just want to Sit Somewhere in the Middle of the Spectrum?

Once you’ve answered those questions you can move on to the more important part – picking your school. Don’t worry, you won’t have to read through endless forum pages or talk to every single instructor in the game; we have a pretty comprehensive list of the different schools for you right here.

A Quick Look at Wizard101 School Choice – Pick your Destiny


You can choose your school but the way you choose it is going to be up to you:

  • Fire – There are literally only two great things about the fire class; the first being that it’s fire. I mean, who doesn’t like fire? You can roast marshmallows with it, keep warm, and use it to kill all the things. The disadvantage is that your spells will have very low accuracy and you’re pretty squishy, so don’t get hit too often.

  • Ice – It’s the polar opposite of the fire school in both element and stats. You have attacks that are pretty average, low accuracy, but extremely high health. In other words, you’re hard to kill, but it’s also hard for you to kill anything.

  • Storm – Your attacks are even better than those from the fire school but they’re not very accurate (in fact you’d have a better chance of getting a needle stuck in a dartboard from 75 feet away) and you have extremely low health. Honestly, with this class you’re better off taking on groups of enemies, acting as support for your group. If you try to play a Storm wizard solo, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  • Life – In most MMORPGs, the equivalent of this class is actually the squishy one, but with this Wizard101 class choice you’re actually really hard to kill. That comes in handy when you’re soloing, or if you just want to be a meat shield for the rest of your party.

  • Death – This one sits right in the middle of the spectrum and is a pretty good Wizard101 school choice. The stats are pretty average but you can steal health, which definitely helps out in solo play.

  • Myth – The accuracy of this class is low, but when you can land a solid hit, you have a pretty good attack. The school also features average health, so you can hold your own if you choose to go solo.

  • Balance – Finally, you have the one class that’s pretty much your generic cookie cutter. If you came into Wizard101 with the attitude of ‘I just want to be a Wizard!’, then this is probably the class you’ll be wanting to pick.

Your Wizard101 class choice is going to be influenced by the way you want to play the game. Maybe you want to rush head on into the attack and be the hero, or maybe you want to stand in the back and play more of a support role. No matter what you fancy, there’s a school for you, and it won't be too long before you join the ranks of all the other wizards inhabiting the Spiral.