2013 has been a good year for the mobile platform in terms of games being released. It has come to a point where even big named companies have taken notice of the surge of games being released and have shifted to also releasing mobile games of their big named IPs.

The good thing about the surge of titles is that mobile owners would have a lot of options to choose from. Where the mobile game market doesn’t have that much games for you to choose from.

Of course its common knowledge that quantity doesn’t mean quality and it shows with the flood of titles coming out of the woodwork. So here in MMO Games, we decided to list down some of the mobile games that we were able to try first hand.

Top 5 Mobile MMOs for 2013

5. Vendetta Online

This twitch based space themed 3D MMORPG has been around town for a long while, except that it just entered the mobile gaming platform this year, and my verdict? The game is simply amazing! Normally, when a PC is ported into the mobile platform, what you’d get is a half-baked “extra content” type of game that “completes” the whole gameplay experience you have, but not with Vendetta Online. It’s not an add-on nor is it just extra content for current VO players, but it’s a complete game brought into smaller devices.

Being able to see a fully 3D space MMORPG at play on the device has proven that not only tablets have becoming increasingly powerful with each reiteration. Developers can now create 3D MMORPGs for tablets that can even rival PC standards. In fact, I can even go as far as saying that the mobile version of VO has a better advantage over it’s PC contemporaries because of the sheer capability to customize your HUD on the mobile compared to it’s PC version.

The top it all off, John Bergman, Guild Software’s CEO has been quoted saying that they’ll be focusing more on gameplay content, graphical updates and expansions for players. So not only do you get a true Sci-Fi 3D MMORPG, you are also promised to be brought more content in the future, who wouldn’t want that right?

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The 8th installment to Gameloft’s hit racing series has been released this year, and I must say that this may be the best reiteration to date. Airborne, brings more cars, more challenges and a tougher AI that really brings on the hurting in the race track.

The game’s visuals are superb, the background music upbeat and adrenaline pumping, the challenges are tougher and add the fact that online matchmaking has been streamlined and it’s easier than ever to connect and fight against other players than before. While the game still retains it’s single player feature (which has been buffed as well) I wanted this on the list because of the online features that this version improved.

In fact, I can say that you’d spend more time racing against other people rather than accomplishing the single player “seasons” cause it’s just more fun to play with people than AI. So if you’re looking for a real doozy of a racing game, Asphalt 8: Airborne is a must play.

3. Transformers: Legends

One of the most churned out games this year would be the eCCGs. With that said, I found it hard to decide which among the eCCGs that I’ve tried would be part of this list since the only thing that differs from each eCCG is the theme used.

That is why I went with the theme as my preference and chose Transformers: Legends to be part of this list just because I love me some robots. T:L has all the staples you’d find within the eCCG genre with the exception of being able to see your “cards” transform. That’s right; the game even has the iconic “transformation” sound fans of the series would know by heart. Also you can add the fact that you can see non movie characters back in action is another reason why I love playing this game.

One of the great features the game has is that you can also equip your units with their signature weapons and upgrade them as you continue on getting more cards to upgrade said weapons. It also doesn’t hurt that the game’s events update and increase the current roster.

The game is as simple as it is fun and enjoyable to play. No self-respecting Transformer fan wouldn’t try and play this game.

2. Battle Camp

I have to really wonder what is it with us gamers and our fixation on collecting and battling monsters against each other? While the world over is celebrating the release of the latest Pokemon titles, X & Y, we on the other have our own version of monster fighting/collecting, in the form of Battle Camp.

Utilizing the mixture of element based monsters with Match-3 like gameplay and you get yourself the whole premise of what Battle Camp is. The game works around the idea that you are “campers” of sorts (you get to even dress your characters in scout attires) and collect various elemental monsters of different areas. The game doesn’t really provide you with any goal (like I want to be the best) except to beat the AI/Player with your own set of monsters.

The game thrives on Community building (guilds) PvPing (arena, guild battles) and PvEing with a tinge of questing through the game’s NPCs. The game is far from being Pokemon, but it has all the makings of becoming a good go to game if you grow tired of playing with your Pikachu.

1. Little Empire

In the world of mobile gaming, strategy/sim games rule supreme. And there’s no game better to show that than Little Empire. This baby has just graced the google play store and (according to its developers) has made such an impact that Little Empires have broken through the top 10 PvP games in their respective areas.

Little Empires is a simulation/strategy game that makes resource generating easy while making strategic battles tough as nails. It’s easy to jump into that you can breeze through the earlier levels without breaking a sweat. The game’s difficulty however increases in as you battle through higher leveled people and that’s when the strategic element takes place.

What makes the game top in the list is that it’s easily accessible to new players while providing the ample challenge sim/strat veterans would enjoy. The unit’s are balanced enough that you really have to figure out how to properly put your units within the field. Another good thing about the game is that there’s no shortage of opponents making it’s longevity as a PvP-centric MMO a certainty.

Of course this may be not the final list since we’re still at October so we may have great games coming out in the last 2 or so months of 2013. But for now here’s our top 5.

I’d just like to point out that we may missed some stellar titles but then again we can ony just try out so much. So if you think that we missed a great game and didn’t put this into the list. Or, you think our list suck then sound off in the comments!

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